We at Medixic Terms and Conditions aim to offer high-quality medicinal and herbal products that also provide good value for money. We endeavor to serve our customers to the best and give them a reason to keep coming back. 

However, our operations are guided by certain Terms and Conditions that are statements of agreement between us and our users. This is how we make sure to proceed with complete transparency, thereby avoiding conflicts and maintaining high standards of operations. 

Thus, when you choose to buy products through Medixic, you agree to proceed as per the following Terms and Conditions: 

  • You, as a user, are required to provide correct details while creating an account with Medixic. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials. All the stringent measures are taken at our end to protect the data of our users, but it’s also your responsibility to not share your ID and password with anyone. If any one makes a purchase on your behalf, Medixic will assume them to be a purchase made at your end. 
  • In case of any unauthorised use of your login credentials or a doubtful use of your account, you are liable to inform the team at Medixic for further action. 
  • Medixic makes available a wide range of products that belong to third party companies or service providers. Medicines, herbal products, protein supplements, and many other categories can be found on the website. The sale of all such items is governed by certain policies that may be related to returns, exchange etc. You are bound to follow the same as per the defined protocol. 
  • Medixic serves as an online platform or medium that facilitates the availability of products right at your doorstep, thereby enabling pure comfort and convenience for you. However, the platform does not act as an entity providing guidance or consultation on the medicines or products that you wish to buy. Your purchase must be based on proper advice or consultation with your doctor or a medical expert. Be it a usual medicine, a herbal product or a fitness supplement, or any other item you wish to buy to include in your diet, your decision to buy the same must be backed by proper expert guidance. Else, Medixic shall not be responsible for any harm or mishappening that may occur out of the careless use of medicinal products bought through the website.
  • In case you wish to return or exchange a product, you must be familiar with the related policies for a hasslefree experience. In case of products that are eligible for returns or exchange, you need to ensure that they are kept in original, unused, or unopened form. Otherwise, the product may not be accepted for return or exchange. 
  • Medixic Terms and Conditions shall not bear the responsibility of any sort of inadvertent error, typographical mistake etc., that may be found in textual details such as dosage and ingredients of the listed products. Besides, it shall not be liable for misrepresentation of any visual or graphic. The correct or valid presentation of all such material is the sole responsibility of the service provider. Besides, Medixic does not have any control over the authenticity of products, nor will it be liable for any misleading information provided to users. If any issue arises out of this concern, the same shall be handled between the user and the third party service provider or the pharmaceutical company. 
  • If you buy prescription medicines through Medixic Terms and Conditions, you are required to upload a copy of the original prescription on the website. The third-party service provider will verify the same and process the order of prescribed medicines only after it is found to be valid. Please note that any doubt or suspicion arising out of the prescription will lead to cancellation of your order. You may also need to present the prescription to the agent at the time of delivery of medicines. It is worthwhile to mention that whatever you upload on the website, say a prescription, it will get recorded in the database. 
  • In line with our services, we allow pharmacy companies and third-party service providers to place advertisements on our website. Any information, promotional material or content uploaded as part of the advertisement will be the sole responsibility of the respective service providers. Medixic shall not have any control over their authenticity or genuineness. 
  • You are only allowed to explore the listed products and make a purchase as per your requirement. You are not allowed to reproduce or use the content, visuals, graphics etc., provided on the website or you shall not use any of its contents in any way for your own commercial use. 
  • If you are already operating as a full-fledged organisation, company or website, you are not allowed to create your account with Medixic as an individual user. 
  • Medixic Terms and Conditions enables you to use various modes of payment to complete your order. You can choose the mode as per your suitability. And in some cases, you may be asked to present or attach an identity proof in order to proceed with the transaction safely and securely.
  • Be sure to make all your purchases in the Indian currency as this is the only form accepted at Medixic. You are not allowed to make payment in any other currency.
  • Medixic website uses certain cookies for various purposes such as monitoring its performance, enabling decisions related to enhancements and upgrades, and offering a better experience to users. At the same time, high-end measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of user data. 
  • You agree to not to use misappropriate, unparliamentary, or unethical language, while writing comments or sharing your views in the testimonials section. All your feedback, complaints and suggestions will be duly taken into account by our customer care team. Serious concerns, if any, shall be earnestly taken further to the related service providers. 
  • Medixic reserves the full right to amend, modify, edit, or, change the terms and conditions, without any further notice, from time to time. It is your responsibility to keep a check on the same and stay acquainted with the modified terms in order to enjoy a smooth buying experience on the website.