Acutret 20 Capsule

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Manufacturer: Ipca Laboratories ltd Salt Compositions: Isotretinoin (20mg)
Quantity: 10 capsules in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Acutret 20 Capsule

Acutret 20 Capsule contains Isotretinoin as its active ingredient. It belongs to the class of anti-acne medicines. Acutret 20 Capsule treats severe nodular acne that does not recover with other treatments.

Acutret 20 Capsule Uses

  • Treatment of Severe Acne

Acutret 20 Capsule Benefits

  1. Acutret 20 Capsule is a form of vitamin A that treats severe acne issues by reducing the skin’s excessive oil (sebum).
  2. Isotretinoin decreases the activity of sebaceous glands and unblocks the pores, killing acne-causing bacteria.
  3. Acutret 20 Capsule helps in reducing skin swelling.

Acutret 20 Capsule Side Effects

Not all side effects require clinical attention since they disappear in time. However, inform your dermatologist if any of the symptoms last long.

  • Skin and Eye Dryness
  • Skin Rashes
  • Skin Irritation and Itching

How to Use Acutret 20 Capsule

  • Read the label carefully before its consumption.
  • Swallow the whole capsule with enough water.
  • Consume the capsule with or after food.

Your health advisor will decide the proper dose and duration of the medication.


  • Talk to your skincare expert if you notice any allergic reaction after consuming it.
  • Diabetic patients should confer with their doctor before using Acutret 20 Capsules as it can increase their blood sugar level.
  • Avoid doing extra physical activities to avoid sweating.


Q1. How does the Acutret 20 Capsule work?

Acutret 20 Capsule decreases the amount of excess oil in the skin and prevents acne (pimple).

Q2. What are the side effects of Acutret 20 Capsule?

Allergic people may experience dry skin, rashes, and skin irritation.

Q3. How can I enhance the effectiveness of the Acutret 20 Capsule?

Avoid oil-rich food and start including fibrous content in your daily diet.

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