Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule

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Manufacturer: Panacea Biotec Ltd Salt Compositions: Alfacalcidol (0.25mcg)
Quantity: 10 soft gelatin capsules in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule

Alphadol-0.25 Capsule belongs to the class of vitamins as it treats and prevents vitamin D deficiency. This capsule consists of vitamin D3 as an active ingredient called cholecalciferol. Vitamin D is an important component for the absorption of calcium. It helps in maintaining healthy and strong bones and teeth.

Alphadol Capsule is not for daily consumption. You can take this high dose of vitamin D once a week. Your health expert will guide you to the appropriate time and duration of the dose according to your medical condition. Do not quit the treatment without your doctor’s advice.

Sometimes overconsumption of this medication can cause unwanted effects such as rashes, high levels of calcium in the blood, fatigue, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. These negative reactions are short-lived. If any of these effects stay for a longer period, seek your doctor. 

Talk to your doctor if you have hypercalcemia and difficulty absorbing nutrition from food. Heart and kidney patients should contact their physician before using Alphadol 0.25mg Capsule.

Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule Uses

  • Treatment of Vitamin D deficiency

Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule Benefits

In Treatment of Vitamin D deficiency

Alphadol 0.25mg treats low calcium and phosphate levels that occur due to a lack of vitamins in your body. Low vitamin D levels can lead to weakness, fragile bones, and low blood pressure. Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule helps the body maintain calcium levels and strengthens weak bones caused by vitamin deficiency.

Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule Side Effects

Most of the common side effects of this medication do not require medical check-ups. However, if you are concerned about any of the effects, contact your healthcare provider. 

Common side effects of Alphadol

  • Overdose of the medication may increase the calcium level in the blood.
  • You may feel weakness in the initial stage of the treatment.
  • People allergic to its components may suffer from frequent vomiting.
  • Headache can become a major issue of this medication. 
  • Overconsumption can lead to fatigue and nausea.

How To Use Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule

  • Swallow the whole Defcort 30 Capsule at once.
  • Do not overconsume the tablet. 
  • Take this high-dose vitamin D tablet once a week.
  • You can take it with food or without food. 

Follow your doctor’s instructions while taking Alphadol 0.25 Capsule to get an effective result.


Q1. What are the effects of low levels of vitamin D?

Low levels of vitamins can cause fatigue, weakness, and weak bones.

Q2. What are the uses of Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule?

Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule treats vitamin D deficiency. It strengthens bone health and prevents osteoporosis.

Q3. Is Alphadol 0.25mcg Capsule safe during pregnancy?

No, high doses of Vitamin D can negatively impact the mother and the baby. So pregnant women should avoid its consumption. 

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