Anovate Cream


Manufacturer: USV Ltd Salt Compositions: Phenylephrine (0.10% w/w) + Beclometasone (0.025% w/w) + Lidocaine (2.50% w/w)
Quantity: 20 gm in 1 tube
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Anovate Cream

Anovate Cream is a combination medication used to treat hemorrhoids and piles. It improves the pain, swelling, itching, and discomfort people who have this issue in the anal area have when passing feces.

Use of Anovate Cream must follow the directions on the prescription. Only outside parties may utilize it. Check the medication’s label for usage instructions before applying the medication carefully to the cleaned, dry afflicted region. After using it, you should always wash your hands. Do not get it in your mouth or eyes. If exposure occurs accidentally, give yourself a good water rinse.
This medication has minor adverse effects, however they could result in burning or irritation at the application site. If you have an allergy to this medication, avoid using it. If you are taking any other medications to address the same condition, let your doctor know as well.

Anovate Cream Uses

  • Treatment of Piles

Anovate Cream Benefits

When treating piles
Hemorrhoids’ (plies’) healing is aided by Anovate Cream. It increases blood flow and successfully reduces discomfort, edema, irritability, or itching brought on by piles. To get the most benefit from your medication, always take it as directed. To aid with digestion and ensure a rapid recovery, make sure to stay away from spicy, oil-rich foods and consume lots of fibre.

Anovate Cream Side Effects

  • Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness)

How to use Anovate Cream

This medication is solely for external use. Use it according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. Before using, read the label carefully. After cleaning and drying the afflicted region, apply the cream. Unless your hands are in the affected region, wash your hands after applying.


Q1. Why do piles form?

Swollen blood vessels in the rectal area or anus are what are known as piles, often referred to as hemorrhoids. Swollen blood vessels may result in excruciating pain or an itching feeling. This feeling has the potential to be both stressful and grating. Anovate Cream works well for treating piles.

Q2. Will taking more Anovate Cream than recommended increase its effectiveness?

No, taking more Anovate Cream than recommended will not increase its efficacy. It may result in the body absorbing too much medication, which could have negative side effects. Please see your doctor for a reevaluation if the severity of your symptoms has gotten worse.

Q3. What kind of storage environment is advised for Anovate Cream?

Keep this medication tightly wrapped in the bottle or pack it came in. Follow the instructions on the package or label before storing it. Get rid of the leftover medication. Make sure that nobody—including children, dogs, or other people—eats it.

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