Aptimust Syrup


Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma Ltd Salt Compositions: Cyproheptadine (2mg/5ml) + Tricholine Citrate (275mg/5ml) + Sorbitol (2gm/5ml)
Quantity: 200 ml in 1 bottle
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Aptimust Syrup

Aptimust Syrup combines Sorbitol, Cyproheptadine,  and Tricholine. It belongs to a group of appetite enhancers and helps to treat alimentary tract problems and loss of appetite. It also enhances the metabolism and makes you feel hungry.

Aptimust Syrup Uses

  • Treats Loss of Appetite

Aptimust Syrup Benefits 

  • Components of Aptimust Syrup are helpful in treating appetite loss and alimentary tract problems.
  • It works by hindering the action of a chemical messenger that controls hunger.
  • It enhances food consumption and helps fulfill the body’s nutritional needs.

Aptimust Syrup Side Effects

You may experience some consequences at the beginning of treatment, but they will resolve with time when your body adjusts. If you notice any consequences for a more extended period, you must consult your healthcare professional. 

Here is a list of a few adverse side effects of taking Aptimust Syrup:

  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Sleepiness
  • Blurred vision

How to Use Aptimust Syrup

Follow the physician’s instructions while consuming Aptimust Syrup. Read the label carefully for the direction of use.

  1. Shake the bottle before using it.
  2. Pour the syrup into the measuring cup in the portion your medical advisor recommends.
  3. According to the doctor’s instructions, you must take Aptimust Syrup with or without food. 
  4. Stick to a fixed schedule to maintain a sufficient gap between the doses.


  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication for asthma, high blood pressure, eye problems, or heart illness. 


Q1. Can using Aptimust Syrup cause tongue dryness?

Yes, using Aptimust Syrup can make your mouth dry. So, drink plenty of water to avoid this side effect.

Q2. Is it safe to drive after taking Aptimust Syrup?

No, the medical advisors recommend avoiding driving after consuming Aptimust Syrup as it can cause sleepiness and dizziness. Therefore, take a break and then continue your daily activities.

Q3. What are the storage guidelines for Aptimust Syrup?

Users must keep the Aptimust Syrup in its original packet. Store it according to the instructions on its label. Make sure to keep it away from pets and children.

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