Azee 100mg Tablet DT


Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd Salt Compositions: Azithromycin (100mg)
Quantity: 3 tablet dt in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Azee 100mg Tablet DT

Azee 100mg Tablet DT is a kind of antibiotic. It is widely prescribed to children to treat a variety of bacterial infections that affect the ear, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal tract.

Azee 100mg Tablet DT acts by blocking the growth and multiplication of the infection-causing bacteria. As a result, the spread of the infection is halted. Azee 100mg Tablet DT is typically administered once day, ideally in the morning. However, in the event of typhoid, it must be administered twice. Give it with or without food every day at the same time. However, it is best administered with meals because children’s stomachs are often delicate and can easily upset.

The medicine dose is determined by the sort of infection your child has, the severity of the infection, and your child’s age and body weight. So follow the doctor’s instructions on the dose, time, and method. If your kid vomits within 30 minutes of taking this medication, repeat the dose.

Your youngster may begin to feel better after 3 to 5 days of consistent dosing. However, you must still finish the entire course of medication and never discontinue it abruptly, since this may aggravate your child’s condition or raise the chance of reinfection. This medication can cause modest and transitory adverse effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain. These bouts usually pass once your child’s body adjusts to the medication. However, if these symptoms persist or become unpleasant for your kid, seek immediate medical attention.

Inform your child’s doctor of any past allergies, heart problems, liver impairment, or kidney malfunction. Knowing your child’s medical history is essential for dose adjustments and treatment planning.

Azee 100mg Tablet DT Uses

  • Treatment of Bacterial infections

Azee 100mg Tablet DT Benefits

In Treatment of Bacterial infections

Azee 100mg Tablet DT is an antibiotic that can be used to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses. Infections of the blood, brain, lungs, bones, joints, urinary tract, stomach, and intestines are examples. It is also useful in the treatment of sexually transmitted illnesses. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria that causes the infection and clears it. Take it for as long as your doctor prescribes and avoid missing doses. This ensures that all germs are eliminated and that they do not develop resistance.

Azee 100mg Tablet DT Side Effects

Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Common side effects of Azee

  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea

How To Use Azee 100mg Tablet DT

Take this medication at the dose and for the duration prescribed by your doctor. Before ingesting it, dissolve it in a glass of water. Azee 100mg Tablet DT can be taken with or without food, but it is best to take it at the same time every day.


Q1. What if I accidentally give too much Azee 100mg Tablet DT?
If an extra dose of Azee 100mg Tablet DT is given by mistake, it is unlikely to cause any harm. However, if you believe you have given your child too much Azee 100mg Tablet DT, consult a doctor right once. Overdoes can have unintended consequences and even exacerbate your child’s condition.

Q2. Are there any major adverse effects associated with Azee 100mg Tablet DT?
This medication has major adverse effects such as chronic vomiting, renal damage, allergies, diarrhea, and severe gastrointestinal infections. In such a case, always seek the advice of your child’s doctor.

Q3. Can Azee 100mg Tablet DT be taken with other medications?
Azee 100mg Tablet DT may interact with other medications or drugs. Before beginning Azee 100mg Tablet DT, inform your doctor of any other medications your kid is taking. Also, before giving your child any medication, consult with his or her doctor.

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