Betacap TR 40 Capsule

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Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd Salt Compositions: Propranolol 40mg
Quantity: 10.0 capsule pr in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Betacap TR 40 Capsule

Betacap TR 40 Capsule is mainly used to relieve anxiety and tremor symptoms. Shaking of the head, chin, or hands are common symptom of tremors, which Betacap TR 40 Capsule can alleviate. Moreover, this medication is recommended for the treatment of migraines, angina, and gastrointestinal bleeding. Here, Angina is chest pain caused due to heart-related problems, while gastrointestinal bleeding is the result of excessive blood pressure inside the liver, called portal hypertension.

Betacap TR 40 Capsule is often used to medicate hypertension and arrhythmia, as it contains Beta-blockers. Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure, meanwhile, arrhythmia is the other name for an irregular heartbeat condition. Betacap TR 40 Capsule prevents the chances of heart stroke and other heart diseases. Doctors determine the dose depending on the cause of the illness and the effect of the medication on it. It should always be taken as directed by the medical professionals. 

It is advised not to stop the usage even after the symptoms are gone. This medication has long-term benefits. Stopping the dosage abruptly can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, one must continue the dose as long as the doctor suggests. Always take Betacap TR 40 Capsule on an empty stomach at the same time regularly.

A few common side-effects of Betacap TR 40 Capsule include fatigue, weakness, cold toes and fingers, slow heart rate, numb fingertips, and short breaths. Some other symptoms are nausea, vomiting, and even loose motions. These are only short-term consequences and the body adjusts after a few times. However, if the symptoms don’t vanish in time, consult your physician. 

Persons dealing with asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and kidney or liver problems should not take this medicine without discussing it with their doctor. This medication is not safe for asthmatics as it can cause shortness of breath which might lead to an asthmatic attack. Patients of chronic pulmonary diseases (COPD) are also warned before taking the Betacap TR 40 Capsule. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also not take this medicine without consulting their condition with their doctors. People should avoid alcohol during this medication or it may not be as effective. 

Betacap TR 40 Capsule Tablet Uses

This multi-purpose medicine has several benefits. A few cases in which Betacap TR 40 is helpful are mentioned below. 

  • Administers Pheochromocytoma
  • Relief of high blood pressure or Hypertension
  • Prevents Migraine
  • Used for the treatment of Anxiety
  • Treats of Arrhythmia
  • Prevents Heart attack
  • Precludes the chances of Angina and other heart-related chest pain
  • Cures Tremors

Betacap TR 40 Capsule Benefits

Administration of Pheochromocytoma

During and after the surgery to remove Pheochromocytoma, a non-cancerous tumor in the adrenal gland, blood pressure might hike. To recover from this excessive high blood pressure, Betacap TR 40 Capsule is recommended. The capsule deters specific substances from meddling with the heart and blood pressure. Betacap TR 40 helps the heart rate to reduce and lowers blood pressure. While going through the surgery, this medicine helps with the hypertensive emergency. Controlled BP thwarts the risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney problems 

Relief of high blood pressure or Hypertension

Betacap TR 40 Capsule has the ability to relax the blood vessels to allow free blood circulation. This procedure lowers blood pressure and reduces the odds of heart stroke and kidney problems. The immediate results are not common. However, you must know that Betacap TR 40 Capsule plays a long game and is beneficial for the future. Take the medicine as long as the doctor suggests even when you feel okay. 

Prevents Migraine

Migraines are caused due to unusual muscle activity in the brain. Betacap TR 40 Capsule enhances the flow of blood in the brain, which in turn helps with the betterment of brain health. One must know that Betacap TR 40 Capsule prevents migraines but does not treat existing migraine episodes. It is a prevention rather than a cure. This medication reduces the frequency and intensity of the migraine attacks and eventually allows you to live your life migraine-free. 

Used for the treatment of Anxiety

If you deal with anxiety and stress, the Betacap TR 40 capsule can rescue you. This pill prevents the release of chemicals responsible for triggering excessive anxiety in the brain. This medication should be taken as long as the doctor suggests because it has long-term effects. Moreover, stopping the usage abruptly can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Hence consult your doctor before discontinuing the capsules even if you feel better. Furthermore, it treats other consequences of anxiety such as turmoil, exhaustion, concentration issues, irritation, and disturbed sleep schedule. Once the anxiety disorder is in line, your life becomes easier. 

Treats of Arrhythmia

When heart rate or rhythm is irregular or uneven it results in a condition called arrhythmia. Betacap TR 40 Capsule is a medicine that helps stabilize the heart rate. This medication not only normalizes the heart rate during an arrhythmic episode but also stops it from happening in the future. 

Prevents Heart attack

Regular consumption of Betacap TR 40 Capsule helps in controlling blood pressure. This helps the heart to distribute blood efficiently throughout the body. When the heart functions properly, the risk of stroke and attack is lowered. It even lowers the mortality rate after a heart attack. To make the most of Betacap TR 40 Capsule, take it regularly as long as the doctor insists. Do not discontinue the medicine without the doctor’s approval even when you feel better. 

Precludes the chances of Angina and other heart-related chest pain

If you suffer from heart-related conditions then surprising chest pain and angina are the unwanted guests. Taking Betacap TR 40 Capsules keeps the blood flow smooth relaxing the blood vessels. This ensures that the oxygen-rich blood is effectively and adequately supplied to all parts of the body. Hence, reducing the chances of angina chest pain and making you fit for working out. Most heart patients can’t do all the physical activities due to chest pain. This problem is easily solved by taking Betacap TR 40 Capsule every day. 

Cures Tremor

Tremors are the result of unusual muscle activities, which can be stopped with enhanced blood flow in those areas. So if you are taking Betacap TR 40 capsule which is well known to improve blood circulation throughout the body, then these tremors will cease. As long as you keep this medication in your regular diet, your daily life becomes better. You can work more efficiently without any unusual and unwanted seizures. 

Betacap TR 40 Capsule Side Effects

Given below are a few side-effects of taking Betacap TR 40 Capsule. Some of these symptoms are temporary and might not be as severe as the rest. If these symptoms last any longer than a certain period, consult your doctor immediately. 

  • Exhaustion
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lose motion

How to Use Betacap TR 40 Capsule

Only a doctor can prescribe and provide instructions for the dosage of Betacap TR 40 Capsule. A patient should strictly follow the dosage and must not change the schedule or duration of the consumption. One must take this medicine on an empty stomach.

While taking this medication avoid eating high-fat food. Olive oil, nuts, dark chocolate, butter, seeds, and meat can affect the efficiency of the Betacap TR 40 capsule. 


Q1. Why did my doctor prescribe a Betacap TR 40 Capsule even though I have normal blood pressure?

Betacap TR 40 Capsule can relieve various heart-related issues including chest pain, also known as angina. It helps minimize the chances of heart stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Besides controlling blood pressure, Betacap TR 40 Capsule alleviates anxiety and tremor symptoms too.  

Q2. How long does it take for Betacap TR 40 Capsule to control high blood pressure?

Betacap TR 40 Capsule can take a few hours to normalize the high blood pressure. However, the complete eradication of heart-related issues takes about a week. The changes are not visible, but Betacap TR 40 Capsule is beneficial in the long run. 

Q3. Is Betacap TR 40 Capsule safe for asthmatic patients?

No. Asthmatics can suffer from breathing issues because of Betacap TR 40 Capsules. This can in turn lead to asthmatic attacks. Therefore, it is advised to inform your doctor about your medical history if you ever suffered from an asthmatic episode.

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