Betzee-G Cream

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Manufacturer: Apex Laboratories Pvt Ltd Salt Compositions: Betamethasone (0.05% w/w) + Gentamicin (0.1% w/w) + Zinc Sulfate (2.5% w/w)
Quantity: 15 gm in 1 tube
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Betzee-G Cream

Betzee-G Cream is an antibiotic and steroid that treats bacterial skin infections such as itchiness, patches, and inflammation. It contains Zinc, Betamethasone, and Gentamicin.

Betzee-G Cream Uses

  • Treating Skin Infection

Betzee-G Cream Benefits

  1. Betamethasone eliminates prostaglandin production and treats inflammation and itchiness.
  2. Gentamicin blocks the protein synthesis required by bacteria to pull out essential functions.
  3. Zinc prevents the growth of microbes and astringent on the skin.
  4. All the components work together to treat skin infections like itchiness, cracks, roughness, and inflamed skin.

Betzee-G Cream Side Effects

You may experience some infrequent effects of Betzee-G Cream. These effects will vanish when your body will get used to the medication.

  • Peeling of skin
  • Drying and cracking of the skin
  • Skin Irritation
  • Acne
  • Change in skin color
  • Burning sensation at the application site
  • Dry skin
  • Itching

How to Use Betzee-G Cream

  • Wash your hands before and after applying the cream.
  • Read the label carefully before using the cream.
  • Do not cover the infected area after applying the medicine.
  • Follow the medication as per your skincare expert’s prescription.


  • Consult your physician if you get any allergic reactions after applying the cream.
  • Inform your medical practitioner if you have a history of skin infections.


Q1. What is the use of Betzee-G Cream?

This cream is beneficial in treating skin infections like swelling, itching, and inflammation.

Q2. How can I enhance the effectiveness of Betzee-G Cream?

Eating food rich in probiotics and flavonoids, like apples, blueberries, and broccoli, can improve its effectiveness.

Q3. Should I cover the infected area after applying the cream?

No, covering the affected area can worsen the skin infection.

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