Bilazest M Tablet


Manufacturer: Abbott Salt Compositions: Bilastine (20mg) + Montelukast (10mg)


Information About Bilazest M Tablet

Bilazest M Tablet is a mix of two meds. It is utilized in the treatment of different hypersensitive circumstances. It decreases irritation (redness, delicacy, intensity, and enlarging), tingling, and rashes by impeding specific synthetic couriers in the body.

Bilazest M Tablet might be taken regardless of food. The portion might fluctuate relying upon what you are taking it for. Accept it as it has been endorsed by your primary care physician. You might require this medication just on days you have side effects, or as endorsed by your primary care physician. Assuming you quit taking it sooner than exhorted, your side effects might return.

This medication is for the most part extremely protected. In any case, in the event that you experience any side effects on taking the medication, you ought to tell your PCP. Prior to taking it, you ought to let your primary care physician know if you generally disapprove of your liver or kidneys or with your heart to ensure it is ok for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies ought to likewise talk with their PC

Bilazest M Tablet Uses

  • Treatment of Allergic conditions

Bilazest M Tablet Benefits

In Treatment of Unfavorably susceptible circumstances

Bilazest M Tablet gives help from hypersensitive side effects, for example, hindered or runny nose, sniffling and irritated or watery eyes brought about via occasional roughage fever (unfavorably susceptible rhinitis), sensitivities to pollen, and sensitivities. It works by diminishing specific substances in the body that are liable for the unfavorably susceptible side effects. Bilazest M Tablet lessens expanding in the aviation routes and gives help from the side effects of asthma.

Bilazest M Tablet Side Effects

  • Limited data available

How to Use Bilazest M Tablet

Take this medication in the portion and length as prompted by your primary care physician. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, smash or break it. Bilazest M Tablet might be taken regardless of food, yet taking it at a proper time is better


Q1. What BILAZEST M TABLET is utilized for?

BILAZEST M TABLET is utilized in grown-ups to treat hypersensitive rhinitis, which is an unfavorably susceptible reaction that happens because of contact with an allergen like dust, pet hair or potentially bugs. It is for the most part described by side effects like runny nose, wheezing, watery eyes as well as tingling in eyes.

Q2. What occurs assuming you take more BILAZEST M TABLET than your necessary portion?

In the event that you or any other person unintentionally takes a lot of BILAZEST M TABLET, counsel your PCP right away or visit the close by emergency clinic. Side effects of overdosage are dazedness, migraine, queasiness, stomach torment, abundance of languor, thirst, spewing and mind-set issues.

Q3. What are the symptoms of BILAZEST M TABLET?

The most well-known incidental effects related with the utilization of BILAZEST M TABLET are cerebral pain, sleepiness, dazedness, sluggishness, sickness, spewing or potentially loose bowels. Counsel your primary care physician on the off chance that any of these side effects deteriorate


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