Chymonac-MR Tablet


Manufacturer: Wanbury Ltd Salt Compositions: Thiocolchicoside (4mg) + Aceclofenac (100mg) + Paracetamol (325mg)
Quantity: 10.0 tablets in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information about Chymonac-MR Tablet

Chymonac-MR Tablet is a combination medication that relieves muscular discomfort. It works by preventing the production of particular chemical messengers that produce pain, inflammation, and fever. This enhances muscle mobility and relieves pain and discomfort.

Chymonac-MR Tablet should be taken with food. This will save you from developing an upset stomach. The dose and duration will be determined by the severity of your disease. Even if you feel better, you should continue taking the medication until the doctor says it is safe to stop.

This medication may induce nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and mouth dryness. If any of these adverse effects persist or worsen, consult your doctor. Your doctor may be able to offer strategies to prevent or reduce the negative effects. In general, you should use the minimum dosage necessary to control your symptoms.

Before using the medication, inform your doctor if you have any other medical illnesses or diseases. To ensure its safety, you should inform your doctor of all other medications you are taking. Inform your doctor if you have any liver or kidney problems. You should avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medication. Before taking the medication, pregnant or breastfeeding women should see their doctors.

Chymonac-MR Tablet Uses

  • Treatment of Muscular pain

Chymonac-MR Tablet Benefits

In Treatment of Muscular pain

Chymonac-MR Tablet works by inducing the muscles to relax. It also inhibits the function of certain substances that induce muscle discomfort and edema. Overall, it facilitates movement. Chymonac-MR Tablet can assist you in carrying out your everyday tasks without difficulty. It is best to keep taking Chymonac-MR Tablet until your doctor tells you to stop.

Chymonac-MR Tablet Side Effects

Most side effects are harmless and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you are concerned.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dryness in mouth

How to use Chymonac-MR Tablet

Take this medication at the dose and for the duration prescribed by your doctor. Take it all at once. It should not be chewed, crushed, or broken. The Chymonac-MR Tablet should be taken with food.


Q1. Are there any specific contraindications to taking Chymonac-MR Tablet?

Chymonac-MR Tablet is not recommended for people who have a known allergy to pain relievers or any of the medication’s components or excipients. This medication should be avoided in patients who have a history of stomach ulcers or who have an ongoing, recurring stomach ulcer/bleeding. It should also be avoided in patients who have a history of heart failure, hypertension, or liver or renal illness.

Q2. Can I take Chymonac-MR Tablet with vitamin B complex?

Yes, Chymonac-MR Tablet can be combined with vitamin B-complex supplements. While Chymonac-MR Tablet relieves pain, vitamin B-complex can help rectify any vitamin deficiencies that may be causing your symptoms.

Q3. Can the use of Chymonac-MR Tablet harm the kidneys?

Yes, long-term usage of Chymonac-MR Tablet can harm the kidneys. Normal kidneys manufacture prostaglandins, which protect them from injury. Long-term painkiller use lowers prostaglandin levels in the body, which can contribute to kidney injury. Patients with underlying renal illness should avoid taking pain relievers.

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