Combiflam Tablet

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  • Painkiller drug
Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd Salt Compositions: Ibuprofen (400mg) + Paracetamol (325mg)
Quantity: 20 tablets in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information about Combiflam Tablet

Combiflam tablet is a widely used analgesic for reducing pain, inflammation, and fever. This medicine has two ingredients: Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. They help lower your body temperature and reduce inflammation. They also block pain signals from reaching the brain, relieving menstrual cramps, headaches, toothache, or sore joints.

Combiflam Tablet Uses

Combiflam is prescribed for providing relief in the following health conditions:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Joint pain
  • Headache
  • Toothache
  • Muscular pain
  • Body pain

Combiflam Tablet Benefits

The ingredients present in Combiflam work together to relieve the above health conditions more effectively. This is how Combiflam works:

  • Ibuprofen blocks chemicals that produce inflammation and effectively reduces swelling and pain.
  • Paracetamol reduces fever by lowering the body’s temperature and eases pain by inhibiting the brain’s pain signals.

Combiflam Tablet Side Effects

Combiflam shows mild side effects that rarely need medical attention and go away with time. They are as follows:

  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness
  • Rash
  • Gastric or mouth ulcer
  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Abnormal blood counts

How To Use Combiflam Tablet

Swallow the prescribed amount of Combiflam with water during or after meals at a fixed time daily. Do not take this tablet on an empty stomach, as it may upset your stomach. Do not take higher doses or for longer duration unless advised by the doctor.

Combiflam Tablet Price

A strip containing 10 Combiflam comes at the price of INR 43.

Safety Precautions

  • Consult your doctor if the fever persists for more than three days
  • Seek medical emergency in case of allergic reaction
  • Do not take expired tablets
  • Do not crush or chew the tablet while consuming
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Keep an active lifestyle


Q1. Does Combiflam Tablet reduce fever?

Yes, the component Paracetamol in Combiflam is effective in relieving fever by reducing the body temperature.

Q2. Is Combiflam a steroid tablet?

No, Combiflam is a non-steroid painkilling drug containing Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for treating pain, fever, and inflammation.

Q3. Who should avoid this medicine?

People who are allergic to Combiflam tablet and have severe kidney, liver, or heart disease, stomach ulcers, and asthma must seek a doctor’s advice before taking this medication.

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