Derobin Ointment

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Manufacturer: USV Ltd Salt Compositions: Salicylic Acid (1.15% w/w) + Dithranol (1.15% w/w) + Coal Tar (5.3% w/w)
Quantity: 30.0 gm in 1 tube
Storage: Store below 25°C


Information About Derobin Ointment

Derobin Ointment is a fusion of coal tar, dithranol, and salicylic acid, belonging to the category of medication called dermatological preparations. It helps in the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

Derobin Ointment Uses

  • In Treating Skin Conditions (Psoriasis, Eczema)

Derobin Ointment Benefits

  1. Dithranol in the ointment is an antiseptic drug that inhibits DNA replication in cells and stops their growth, slowing down skin cells’ production.
  2. Salicylic acid and coal tar help break down keratin, peel off dead skin cells, and smoothen skin. 
  3. Also, Coal Tar has anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate skin itchiness and redness.
  4. Altogether, these components reduce scaling and thickening of the skin and remove psoriasis plaques.

Derobin Ointment Side Effects

In the initial phase of the treatment, you may observe some undesirable effects on your skin, but these effects stay for a very short time:

  • Mild Skin Irritation
  • Skin Staining
  • Itching
  • Burning Sensation
  • Skin Rashes
  • Dry Skin

How To Use Derobin Ointment?

  • This cream is for external use only.
  • Clean the application site gently with soap and pat the skin dry.
  • Read the label carefully before using the cream.
  • Do not cover the area after applying the ointment.

Follow your dermatologist’s instructions for the dosage and duration of the Derobin Ointment.

Derobin Ointment Price

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  • Your skincare expert should know if you have a history of skin allergies.
  • Inform your dermatologist if you observe skin rashes or infections after applying the cream.
  • After using the cream, avoid exposure to sun rays as it may damage your skin.
  • Ask your Skincare advisor before using the Ointment alternative. 


Q1. What is the use of Ointment?

This ointment is advisable in treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Q2. Is this medication suitable for pimples?

No, Ointment is not for pimples as it does not apply to the face.

Q3. What are the side effects of Ointment?

After applying the ointment, you may experience a burning sensation, skin irritation, redness, and skin rashes.

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