Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR


Manufacturer: Serdia Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Ltd Salt Compositions: Gliclazide (30mg)
Quantity: 10 tablet xr in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in grown-ups. It has a place with a gathering of drugs called sulfonylureas and assists control with blooding sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. This assists with forestalling serious entanglements of diabetes like kidney harm and visual impairment.

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR might be recommended alone or alongside different prescriptions. It ought to be taken with food. Take it routinely simultaneously every day to get the most advantage. Your primary care physician will conclude what portion is best for yourself, and this might change now and again as per how it functions.

Continue to take this medication, regardless of whether you feel great or your glucose levels are controlled. On the off chance that you stop it without talking with your PCP, your glucose levels could rise and seriously endanger you of kidney harm, visual deficiency, nerve issues, and loss of appendages. Recollect that it is just important for a treatment program that ought to likewise incorporate a sound eating routine, standard activity, and weight decrease as prompted by your PCP. Your way of life has a major impact in controlling diabetes.

The most well-known results of taking this medication incorporate heartburn and stomach disturbs. It can likewise cause low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia). Ensure you perceive the indications of having low blood glucose levels, like perspiring, unsteadiness, cerebral pain, and shaking, and expertise to manage it. To forestall this, it’s essential to have standard dinners and consistently convey an effective wellspring of glucose like sweet food or natural product juice with you. Drinking liquor can likewise expand your gamble of low glucose levels and ought to be stayed away from. Certain individuals might find that they put on weight with this medication.

You shouldn’t accept it assuming you have type 1 diabetes mellitus, in the event that you have diabetic ketoacidosis (elevated degrees of corrosive in your blood), or on the other hand assuming that you have serious kidney or liver sickness. Prior to taking this medication, let your PCP know if you have at any point had coronary illness, thyroid infection, or a few hormonal circumstances. It may not be reasonable. Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies ought to likewise counsel their primary care physician prior to taking it. Your glucose levels ought to be checked routinely, and your PCP may likewise exhort blood tests to screen your platelet counts and liver capability.

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR Uses

  • Treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR Benefits

In Treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR works by expanding how much insulin your body produces (in the pancreas). The insulin then attempts to bring down your blood glucose level. It is normally required one time each day. You ought to continue to take it however long it is recommended.

Bringing down blood glucose levels is a fundamental piece of overseeing diabetes. On the off chance that you have some control over the level you will diminish the gamble of getting any of the serious difficulties of diabetes, for example, kidney harm, eye harm, nerve issues, and loss of appendages. Taking this medication routinely alongside legitimate eating regimen and exercise will assist you with living a typical, solid life.

Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR Effects

  • Musculoskeletal (bone, muscle or joint) pain
  • Pain in extremities
  • Nerve pain
  • Constipation
  • Rash
  • Urinary tract infection

How to use Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR

Take this medication in the portion and length as exhorted by your primary care physician. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, smash or break it. Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR is to be taken with food.


Q1. What is the best chance to take Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR?

Take Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR before feasts or precisely as trained by your PCP. There is proof expressing that Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR works best at controlling post feast high glucose levels when required 30 minutes before breakfast. In this way, in the event that you should accept it once everyday, take it in the first part of the day with breakfast with a glass of water.

Q2. Is Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR equivalent to metformin?

No, Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR isn’t equivalent to metformin. Albeit both these oral medications are utilized in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, the manner in which they work to lessen the sugar levels are unique. While Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR acts by expanding the discharge of insulin by the pancreas, metformin acts by working on the working and adequacy of the insulin currently accessible in the body.

Q3. Could you at any point take metformin and Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR simultaneously?

Indeed, Diamicron 30mg Tablet XR and metformin can be taken simultaneously however provided that recommended by the specialist. Your PCP might have endorsed taking the two together to control your uncontrolled sugar levels. Notwithstanding, taking the two together may cause low glucose which may likewise happen in the event that you deferral or miss a feast, practice more than expected or take it with insulin. Adhere to the guidelines given by your PCP stringently to stay away from such intricacies.

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