Diovan 80 Tablet


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Manufacturer: Novartis India Ltd Salt Compositions: Valsartan (80mg)
Quantity: 14.0 tablets in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Diovan 80 Tablet 

Diovan 80 Tablet is utilized to treat hypertension and cardiovascular breakdown. Bringing circulatory strain assists down with, forestalling future respiratory failures and stroke. This medication is additionally successful in saving kidney capability in patients with diabetes.

Diovan 80 Tablet might be endorsed alone or in blend with different prescriptions. It could be taken regardless of food during the day or around evening time. In any case, attempt to take it at about a similar time every day to get the most advantage. It is essential to keep taking it consistently regardless of whether you feel good or on the other hand on the off chance that your pulse is controlled. A great many people with hypertension don’t feel sick, however on the off chance that you quit taking this medication, your condition could deteriorate. This is a broadly utilized medication and is viewed as safe for long haul use.

Rolling out certain improvements in your way of life will likewise assist with bringing down your pulse. These may incorporate normal activity, getting thinner, smoking suspension, decreasing liquor admission, and diminishing how much salt in your eating routine as exhorted by your PCP. This medication is endured well by most patients and makes not many side impacts. Dazedness, especially after the principal portion, is known to happen in certain individuals. This might be related with migraines. Inform your primary care physician whether these secondary effects annoy you or don’t disappear.

Prior to taking this medication, let your PCP know whether you have any kidney or liver issues. Pregnant or breastfeeding moms ought to likewise counsel their PCP prior to taking it. Your PCP might check your kidney capability, pulse, and potassium levels in your blood at customary spans while you are taking this medication.

Diovan 80 Tablet Uses

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Heart failure
  • Prevention of heart attack and stroke

Diovan 80 Tablet DR Benefits

In Hypertension (hypertension)

Diovan 80 Tablet brings down pulse by loosening up veins and making it more straightforward for your heart to siphon blood around your body. It should be taken routinely as recommended being successful. You typically feel no immediate advantage from taking this medication, yet it works in the long haul to keep you well.

In Cardiovascular breakdown

Cardiovascular breakdown implies your heart is powerless and can’t siphon sufficient blood to your lungs and the remainder of your body. The most widely recognized side effects are shortness of breath, sluggishness, and expanding in your legs, lower legs, midsection, and different pieces of your body. Diovan 80 Tablet brings down your pulse which makes it simpler for your heart to siphon blood around your body and is, in this way, a viable treatment for cardiovascular breakdown.

This medication will assist with alleviating your side effects, causing you to feel improved and more vigorous. You ought to make suitable way of life changes, (for example, eating soundly and keeping dynamic) to assist this medication with being successful. Take it routinely and continue to take it regardless of whether you feel improved.

In Avoidance of cardiovascular failure and stroke

Diovan 80 Tablet brings down your pulse and makes it simpler for your heart to siphon blood around your body. On the off chance that your circulatory strain is controlled, you are less in danger of having a coronary failure or stroke. Continue to take this medication routinely.

Diovan 80 Tablet Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Stomach pain
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Back pain
  • Rash
  • Increased creatinine level in blood

How to use Diovan 80 Tablet

Take this medication in the portion and term as prompted by your PCP. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, pound or break it. Diovan 80 Tablet might be taken regardless of food, yet taking it at a proper time is better.


Q1. What amount of time does it require for Diovan 80 Tablet to begin working?

A significant reduction in pulse can be capable in the span of about fourteen days of beginning Diovan 80 Tablet. The medication might require as long as about a month to show its finished impacts.

Q2. Which medication is viewed as safe for treating hypertension?

There are many pulse bringing down prescriptions which can be viewed as protected. Utilization of these drugs shifts from one individual to another and can be founded on different factors like age, orientation, other coinciding illnesses, and so forth. For example, an individual under 55 years old having no other coinciding infection might be recommended angiotensin II receptor bad guys (ARAs) (e.g., Diovan 80 Tablet, losartan, olmesartan) or Angiotensin Changing over Protein (ACE) Inhibitors (e.g., ramipril, captopril, or enalapril) by the specialist.

Q3. Is Diovan 80 Tablet awful for kidneys?

Diovan 80 Tablet doesn’t for the most part influence the working of a legitimate working kidney. Notwithstanding, it ought to be warily utilized in patients who have existing serious kidney hindrance (creatinine freedom <10 ml/min) and are on dialysis, as there is restricted information to help the wellbeing of these patients.

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