Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief Adult Nasal Spray

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Product Highlights
  • Helps to provide relief from nasal congestion
  • Helps to control excessive nasal excretion
  • Facilitates aid in case of swollen blood vessels
  • Provides quick and long-lasting relief
  • Useful in case of Sinusitis and other allergies


Information About Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief Adult Nasal Spray

Otrivin Oxy Spray is from the group of medications known as decongestants that generally treat nasal congestion, common cold, sinus, flu, and other allergies. It is a composition of Oxymetazoline.

Otrivin Oxy Nasal Spray Uses

  • It treats Nasal Congestion
  • It treats Sinustis and other allergic conditions

Otrivin Oxy Spray Benefits

  1. Oxymetazoline is an active ingredient in this spray that contracts and thins the blood vessels in the nasal passages lining, resulting in a clear, blocked nose and reducing mucus production.
  2. Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief Spray continues to work for 12 hours, quickly relieving stiffness and allowing easy breathing.

Otrivin Oxy Spray Side Effects

You may experience some temporary side effects of this spray, which will disappear soon. But if you observe any unnecessary effects, inform your healthcare expert.

  • Irritation and Dryness of the Nasal Mucosa
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Temporary Burning Sensation
  • Throat Irritation

How To Use Otrivin Oxy Spray?

  • Check the label carefully before using Otrivin Nozzle Spray.
  • Insert the medicine tip into one nostril, close the other nostril, and spray towards the nostril side.
  • Try to breathe gently. 
  • Repeat the same method for another nostril.

Get proper advice from your medical practitioner on using Otrivin Oxy Spray.

Otrivin Nose Spray Price

₹90, 11% Off


  • Notify your healthcare advisor if you notice any allergic reaction after using the spray.
  • Do not use the spray without consultation.


Q1. Can we use Otrivin nasal drops for adults?

Only your healthcare professional can direct you to use this spray for adults.

Q2. What are the side effects of Otrivin Nasal Drops?

You may suffer from a burning sensation, throat irritation, and headache if you are allergic to its components.

Q3. How can I store Otrivin Nasal Spray?

Store the spray at room temperature under 10-30°C in a cool and dry place.

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