Rinifol Capsule

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  • Manages antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD)
  • Contains probiotics that help to normalise gut flora/microorganisms
  • Manages stomach infections such as gastroenteritis (infectious diarrhea)
  • Aids in the management and prevention of malabsorption and vitamin deficiency
Manufacturer: Elan Pharma India Pvt Ltd
Quantity: 1 Strip of 10 capsules


Information About Rinifol Capsule

Rinifol Capsule manages stomach-related issues like diarrhea, upset stomach, and intestinal disorders. This tablet contains the main ingredients of lactic acid bacillus, pyridoxine, nicotinamide, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, calcium pantothenate, and zinc.

Rinifol Capsule Benefits

  1. It produces lactic acid that kills harmful microorganisms in the gut. 
  2. Pyridoxine in the medication contributes to the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates from meals. 
  3. The presence of Nicotinamide is essential for energy and maintaining antioxidant cell functions.
  4. Vitamin B9 helps form red blood cells, treats folate deficiency anemia and plays a significant role in DNA changes that may lead to cancer.
  5. Nicotinamide is present in the tablet, which helps your body with essential nutrients and boosts energy in the body cells.
  6. Cyanocobalamin is a vitamin B12 in the medicine that functions in the brain and nerves in the production of red blood cells. 
  7. Also, vitamin B7 contributes to converting your food into energy and carries nutrients throughout the body, improving glucose metabolism. 

Rinifol Capsule Side Effects

There are no concerning unwanted reactions to this capsule. However, you may suffer from gas and bloating after its use.

How To Use Rinifol Capsule?

  • Swallow the capsule as a whole.
  • Try not to chew or break the capsule.
  • If you are taking it with antibiotics, maintain a gap of at least 2 hours.
  • Follow one specific time to consume the tablet.

Take proper directions from your physician for the dose and duration of the medication.

Rinifol Capsule Price

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Safety Precautions

  • Read the label carefully before its use.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.
  • Do not overdose on medication.
  • Store the medication in its original package in a cool, dry place.

People May Also

Q1. What is the use of this Capsule?

Rinifol Capsule is used for treating diarrhea and other stomach-related conditions.

Q2. Can I use a Rinifol capsule substitute?

No, seek proper medical advice before using any substitute of the medication.

Q3. Are there any potential risks to the capsule?

The medication is safe to consume, but in some cases, you suffer from gas and bloating.

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