Strepsils Medicated Lozenges


Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser
Quantity: 1 combo 2 strips


Information About Strepsils

Strepsils is a refreshing lozenge that relieves sore throat and infection. It contains beneficial ingredients such as orange, ginger, and lemon. These tablets provide instant relief and comfort to your throat. 

Strepsils Uses

  • Treatment of Sore Throat 

Strepsils Benefits

  1. The soothing properties of Strepsills Orange Lozenges eliminate the discomfort associated with throat infections.
  2. These tablets provide quick relief from symptoms of bacterial infections.
  3. The orange flavor in the medication makes it easier to consume.

Strepsils Side Effects

There are no severe side effects of the medication. It is easy and safe to consume.

How To Use Strepsils?

  • Do not chew the tablet.
  • Take one lozenge and dissolve it in your mouth.
  • You can take up to 12 lozenges in 24 hours.
  • Maintain a gap of at least two hours between each tablet.

Your medical advisor will give you the appropriate Strepsils dosage and duration. Do not overconsume the tablet.

Note: Strepsils Orange Lozenges are safe for adults and children above six.

Strepsils Price

  • ₹48
  • ₹48+ free shipping


Q1. How many Strepsils can I take in a day?

You can consume 12 lozenges in 24 hours.

Q2. What is Strepsils composition?

Strepsils ingredients include flavors like ginger, lemon, and orange.

Q3. Is Strepsils good for throat pain?

Yes, it relieves throat pain and provides comfort to your throat.

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