Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop

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Manufacturer: Meyer Organics Pvt Ltd
Quantity: 1 bottle of 15 ml Oral Drops


Information About Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop

Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop comprises Simethicone, Dill Oil, and Fennel Oil. It treats gastrointestinal problems in newborn babies, such as flatulence, infantile colic, and gripping pain. 

Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop Uses

  • To treat gastrointestinal problems in newborn babies

Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop Benefits

  • Simethicone eliminates gas bubbles with the help of its anti-foaming properties and helps the child pass the gas efficiently. 
  • The other two ingredients allow the intestinal muscles to work more efficiently and relieve spasms and stomach aches. 

Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop Side Effects

There are few known side effects of the Drop. However, if you notice mild bloating or constipation-related issues, do not worry; it is only temporary. If the problem persists or worsens, consult the pediatrician. 

How to use Colicaid Infant & Toddler Drop

  1. Infants under six months should take this medicine four times daily before feeding. (4-5 drops are enough)
  2. Babies between six to twelve months should drink ten to fifteen drops four times every day before feeding.
  3. Toddlers above the age of one should take 20-25 Drops four times before breastfeeding. 
  4. For more instructions regarding the Colicaid Drops for baby, consult the specialist. 


  • If you notice any unusual effect on the child after using Colicaid Drops for newborn, inform your doctor. 
  • Ensure the doctor is aware of any other medication the child is on before they prescribe this medication. 

Colicaid Drops Price

Colicaid Drops 15ml costs ₹55.5. 


Q1. Is it safe to give Drops to my child daily? 

It is safe for everyday use if you follow the doctor’s instructions while using Colicaid Drops 15ml. 

Q2. What is the Drops Dosage for a year-old baby?

Infants who are six to twelve months old should only take ten to fifteen drops four times daily before feeding. However, consult a doctor for the exact instructions. 

Q3. When is the best time to give the Drops to an infant?

Give the dose at least 15 minutes before breastfeeding your child. 

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