Junior Lanzol 15mg Tablet DT

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Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd Salt Compositions: Lansoprazole (15mg)
Quantity: 15.0 tablet dt in 1 strip
Storage: Store below 30°C


Information About Junior Lanzol 15mg Tablet DT

Junior Lanzol Tablet is a blend of Lansoprazole, coming from the drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors. It helps treat intestinal and stomach ulcers. It also alleviates acid reflux disease and erosive esophagitis in children.

Junior Lanzol 15mg Tablet DT Uses

  • Treatment of Stomach and Intestinal Ulcers

Junior Lanzol 15mg Tablet DT Benefits

  1. In acidic disease, specific cells in the stomach release excess acid for a longer period, which results in ulcers and their symptoms.
  2. Junior Lanzol Tablet prohibits the work of these micropumps in the stomach walls called Proton pumps. 
  3. Lansoprozal helps reduce excess acid in the stomach and improves acidity symptoms such as heartburn.

Junior Lanzol 15mg Tablet DT Side Effects

With several benefits, this tablet might lead you to certain temporary unwanted effects. If any of these effects are concerning, contact your healthcare expert.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Joint Pain

How To Use Junior Lanzol Tablet?

  • Swallow the tablet with enough water.
  • Avoid chewing the tablet.
  • Take the tablet half an hour before your meal.
  • Follow one specific time to consume the medicine.

Your Physician will instruct you on the dose and duration of the Junior Lanzol Tablet.

Junior Lanzol Tablet Price

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  • Seek clinical advice if your child has problems while swallowing the tablet.
  • If your child has blood during vomiting, inform your healthcare expert.
  • Talk to your doctor if your child experiences skin reactions after taking it.


Q1. How to take Junior Lanzol Tablet?

Take the tablet at least half an hour before having your meal.

Q2. Is Junior Lanzol for children only?

Yes, this medication is specially made for children to treat acid reflux and stomach ulcers.

Q3. Can Junior Lanzol cause constipation?

Constipation can be a side effect of this tablet. Ask your medical advisor before using it.


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