Is Dengue A Communicable Disease?

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Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection or illness where a mosquito which is known as an Aedes mosquito carries the dengue virus, bites a person, and infects him/her with it. The mosquito is the carrier of the virus that carries it from an unhealthy person to a healthy person through bites and infects the blood. It does not spread through contact with the person having dengue or through touching contaminated objects as it is not a contagious disease but if the mosquito bites a person after carrying the virus from the infected one then the person can suffer from the dengue very next. Besides dengue, this infection is also known as Adan dengue, dandy, break bone fever, etc., and has symptoms such as vomiting, fever, rashes, eye pain, and many more.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dengue?

Symptoms of Dengue

If a person is infected with dengue then he/she may suffer with some of the symptoms discussed below. The symptoms of dengue are of two types. One is of normal dengue and another is of severe dengue. Both types of dengue symptoms depend on the severity and must be treated on time as there is no specific treatment for dengue and if it is not treated on time 

It can also lead to death, and excessive bleeding loss causing shock and coma. So the treatment of the person should be done on time. 

Dengue Virus 

  1. Loss of appetite 
  2. Vomiting 
  3. Headache 
  4. Fever 
  5. Muscles ache 
  6. Pain behind the eyes 
  7. Nausea 
  8. Rashes 

Severe Dengue Virus

  1. Vomiting with blood
  2. Intense abdominal pain
  3. Difficulty in breathing 
  4. Bleeding nose and gums 
  5. Fatigue and tiredness 
Severe Dengue Fever

Causes Of Dengue

Dengue is caused by the virus that is carried by the infected mosquito and there are 4 types of virus that cause dengue for example DEN1, DEN2, DEN3, and DEN4. It does not spread by being in contact with the infected person but if the infected mosquito bites a healthy person then he/she suffers from dengue. When the infected mosquito bites, the virus enters the bloodstream immediately and the body starts showing symptoms. There are 4 viruses that cause dengue so if you have been infected with any particular virus then you will be immune to that virus for a long time but you can be infected by the other three viruses so to stay away from dengue you have to protect yourself from the mosquito bites.

Precautions For Dengue 

As there is no solid or permanent solution to dengue it must be your first responsibility to protect yourself from dengue. Several steps can be followed to avoid dengue and are effective. These steps are important to be followed as there is no solid treatment for dengue and once you are infected it can be a serious problem for your health. That’s  why precautions are better than cure.

  1. If you are going outside then must apply mosquito repellent( having DEET or picaridin ) on your body at regular intervals or according to the guidelines as it helps in preventing the bites of the infected mosquitos. 
  2. When you are going to sleep then use a mosquito net. It helps in preventing mosquitos and the fear of infection.
  3.  If you are going outside then you must be careful about your outfit. The lower and upper must be of full length with socks because a single bite of an infected mosquito would be enough to cause dengue and the clothes do not allow the mosquito to bite. 
  4. Use insect repellent frequently to prevent infections and spray it regularly at your home, balcony rooms, outside, etc.
  5. If you have suffered from dengue before then you must be very careful as having dengue again can make the conditions worse by turning it into severe dengue which is not a good sign. 
  6. If you are traveling through tropical regions or it’s your habitat then you should follow the guidelines that are necessary for preventing dengue and must keep the surroundings clean. 

keep your surroundings clean, and do not let the water collect as it leads to the increase of mosquitoes. 

Treatment Of Dengue Virus

As you know there is no specific treatment for dengue so in such a situation if you get affected by the dengue then you must be very careful about your treatment as a single silly mistake or carelessness can make it worse and severe dengue can even lead to death or coma so better treatment must be provided on time to avoid risks. Here are some steps elaborated below that can guide you on what to do at the time of treatment 

  • When you face the symptoms of dengue then immediately consult with the doctor. The doctor will prescribe you some medicines that help in lowering the level of symptoms such as paracetamol for fever and other medicines for controlling the complications. 
  • If you have suspicions about your condition of health then do have some blood tests as it is clear whether you have dengue or not. 
  • If you have dengue then you must keep consistency in your intake of fluids and medicines and have proper bed rest.
  • If you have severe dengue then it is advised to seek the guidance of doctors as severe dengue can cause shock and even lead to death. 
  • If you have suffered from dengue previously then you can have the vaccine as only a dengue survivor can apply for the vaccine.


Here we have discussed all the steps, methods, and practices above that you can adopt to protect yourself from the consequences of dengue virus infection and dengue itself. We are aware of the fact that there is no specific treatment or medication for dengue and worse dengue can even lead to death and shock. So you must be careful about such hazardous infections and protect yourself from mosquito bites. Therefore adopt a healthy diet, keep the surroundings clean, and use repellants frequently to maintain the distance from dengue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we control the spread of malaria and dengue?

The spread of malaria and dengue could be controlled if we follow the steps given below:-
1. Wear full sleeves clothes 
2. Appy mosquito repellants 
3. Use mosquito nets 
4. Do not let the water collect in your surroundings

How many days does dengue fever last?

If a person is affected by dengue virus then the fever will occur after 4-5 days of the bite 
Of the infected mosquito and lasts for 2 to 7 days. The temperature of the fever goes to 40°C/ 104°F.

Is dragon fruit good for dengue?

Yes, it is very beneficial for dengue patients as it contains phosphorus, phytonutrients, high fiber, iron, etc. that help in fighting against the dengue virus as it does not let the hemorrhagic fever affect the patient and keep the immune system healthy.

What is the minimum WBC count in dengue?

WBC drops from 4 lacs to 20,000 to 40,000 thousand in dengue.

How to increase platelet count fast in dengue?

Many remedies can be adapted to increase the platelet count fast in dengue such as drinking papaya leaf extract, and a folate-rich diet. It is very helpful in increasing platelet count.

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