Is Menstrual Cup Better Than Pads?

Menstrual Cup or Pads
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With numerous products being available in the market, women are often confused about which one to buy to absorb the period flow and avoid leakage. The vagina, being the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, requires proper care and attention during periods, which takes us to the question; Is a Menstrual Cup Better than Pads? Long talk short: Yes. The menstrual cups are ultimately a better choice than sanitary pads.

These cups offer numerous advantages not only for your periods but also for the planet.  On the other hand, pads are convenient but generate tons of waste and can be costly in the long run.

However, women must not add menstrual cups to the cart before knowing what they are, how they work, whether they are risky, and whatnot! So, let’s end this feud and help you make the right choice.

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup or period cup is a silicon or rubber-made small and flexible cup that you insert inside the vagina to hold menstrual flow instead of soaking it up like a tampon or pad. You usually take away the cup after 8 to 12 hours and wash it to reuse it. If you are totally new to the product, you should definitely read the further sections.

Menstrual Cup

Stay Active with the Top Benefits of Menstrual Cup

If you want convenience and sustainability at the same time, make the right choice by using this eco-friendly product as a part of your life. From reusing and reducing waste to providing unmatched comfort, a menstrual cup is a game-changer in your period routine.

1. Tackle Your Day with Less Stress and More Ease

Once you start using the cup, there is no going back. Unlike pads, a menstrual cup has 2-3 times the capacity to hold the blood flow, which obviously means you will spend less time in the washroom. The comfortable feeling will not let you switch to other options since you can get on with your day and preferred activities. As you can’t even feel it in there, you are free to do what you want, so why not high-five the menstrual cup and give it a try?

2. Period cups are environmentally friendly, and Pads are Not

Another advantage of using the cup is that it positively impacts the environment. Researchers say that a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years, saving the planet of 2700 disposable items. When you use these cups, you avoid throwing away pads and tampons, helping the environment. With less plastic trash, you make a sustainable choice and make your planet cleaner.

3. These Cups are Easy to Handle

Once you are well aware of inserting and removing a menstrual cup correctly, you’ll not even feel its existence inside your vagina. However, it may create issues during the initial phase of using it, but once you are familiar with it, it will avoid your worries about frequently changing pads. The easy-peasy process of removing, emptying, and washing will save you time. Don’t you think it’s a win-win for you? Giving it a chance will make your period days convenient and stress-free.

Menstrual Cups are Easy to Handle

4. You May Find it Wallet-Friendly

You have no idea how much you spend on buying disposal period products. Here’s the deal: you make a one-time investment that will last years, unlike pads and tampons that need constant purchasing. From saving your money to reducing waste, these cups are not only eco-friendly but wallet-friendly as well. And guess what? Making a smart, economical choice will enhance your monthly savings.

5. Reusable Cups Make Your Vagina Healthier

Well, talking about its effect, menstrual cups are always healthier for the vagina. The best thing is it does not contain any chemicals or bleaches as some tampons do. This medically graded silicone will have no negative reaction to your vagina’s natural flora, creating a clean and healthy environment around there. It is must to take good care of your vagina. Unlike tampons and pads, it will never cause vaginal dryness or any infection, so switch to the menstrual cup for your vaginal well-being.

6. It Lowers the Risk of Leakage 

Females with heavier flow often suffer from stains on their pants, but you know that menstrual cups are your leak guardians! Right? These cups have a larger capacity for collecting blood in them, and once you are aware of the procedure of using these cups, you can easily make these fit inside your vagina. Period cups stay in place and offer reliable protection. As the cup forms a seal against vaginal walls, it helps you give a leak-free experience during those days. 

7. Results in Minimal Mess and Odor

After knowing its features, we know menstrual cups are hygienic as they gather flow cleanly inside, reduce unpleasant odors, and minimize messy conditions. As discussed, it prevents leakage, which leads to cleanliness and keeps the area fresh and fine. Also, less mess will reduce the feeling of period irritation. You can enjoy your day without worrying about the mess and odor, allowing you to move confidently on your periods. 

8. It Collects More Flow Than A Pad

Menstrual cups are the flow collectors, holding more than a pad. Carrying more blood means more time between emptying and changing as compared to a pad. These magical cups maintain the feeling of freshness and offer superior protection to your vagina. Overall, The menstrual cup collects about twice as much blood as a pad or a tampon, which is a sustainable and problem-solving option. So, by using it correctly, you can go about your day comfortably and conveniently. 

9. Make Your Trip Easy with a Period Cup

Traveling or spending vacation on periods is a worst nightmare for every female as you have to do a lot of preparation. Well, we have a hack for you: Try a menstrual cup, and you will thank it throughout your journey. In addition, you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours, which means you are all prepared for any travel situation. You won’t feel the need to stop by public restrooms to change your pads. So, pack your cup and have peace of mind on your vacation.

10. Variety of Sizes and Shapes to Fit Different Bodies

Having a variety of sizes in period cups benefits its users by ensuring a better fit for individual bodies. A well-fit cup leads to less chance of leakage and is more comfortable to wear. By choosing the right size, you can feel more secure and confident. Women with a high or lower cervix should know correctly about the size of the pad that fits the best. In short, the availability of various sizes in these cups allows you to find the perfect fit.

Sizes & Shapes of menstrual cups

How To Use A Menstrual Cup?

Ever thought about the magical work behind the use of this cup? A menstrual cup works like a protective barrier that collects menstrual blood and saves your day from leakage. The period cup forms a seal against the vaginal wall and holds the blood until you empty it. The formed seal prevents leaks; the best thing is you can wash it and reuse it for the next time. Many of you may find this sustainable product a cost-effective option for managing periods. 

  • After unboxing the packaging, wash the cup with water and soap and let it dry. 
  • Before inserting the menstrual cup, don’t forget to wash your hands properly.
  • Tightly fold the cup for easy insertion; by relaxing your muscles, slowly insert the cup.
  • Make sure that the cup is fully unfolded inside your vagina.
  • After correctly inserting it, the cup will spring open and rest against the vaginal walls. 
  • In case you do not feel comfortable, try rotating it a little; once you fit it accurately, you won’t feel it in.

How To Remove Menstrual Cup?

Just inserting the cup isn’t the main part; removing it is also crucial. Patience and gently handling it is the key to avoid any discomfort. So, follow the steps below to remove the period cup;

  • Wash your hands clean and gently insert your index finger and thumb into your vagina to pull the cup’s stem.
  • Pinch the base, break the seal, and remove it.
  • Once the cup is out, empty the blood into the toilet.
  • Wash the cup with mild soap and reuse it or store it safely.

Drawbacks of Menstrual Cup

Just like any other product used for sensitive areas, a menstrual cup has its pros and cons. While it offers many benefits, it’s essential to be aware of its drawbacks, too:

  • You may not feel comfortable if the fit isn’t right.
  • Timely cleaning and sanitizing can be a hassle.
  • Changing these cups in a public restroom can really be challenging.
  • If you have not inserted the cup correctly, you may notice the chances of leakage.
  • Some people might find it messy to empty and clean the cup.
  • Depending on anatomy, only some of you might find it suitable.
  • Women with heavy flow may feel uncomfortable while using it.
  • There are chances of having issues with finding the right fit.

Final Thoughts

The cup offers you a cost-effective and comfy period solution. Once you learn how to use it, you will allow yourself to make your period days more bearable. So, try switching to period cups and see the difference for yourself.

People Also Ask

Can you poop with a menstrual cup in?

Yes, you can still poop with a menstrual cup in place as it sits lower in the vagina, it won’t interfere.

How to choose the size of menstrual cup?

To pick the right size, consider your age, flow, age, and whether you have had a baby.

Is there availability of menstrual cups for teenagers?

Yes, you can purchase menstrual cups specifically for teenagers with smaller sizes and better materials.

Who are the best Menstrual cup manufacturers in India?

There are a number of manufacturers in India, so try consulting your gynecologist for the best one.

Can I swim with a menstrual cup?

Unlike pads, these cups are great for swimming as they are leak-free and comfortable.

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