15 Giloy Juice Benefits for Skin and Hair

Giloy Juice Benefits
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Armita is a Sanskrit term for the drink of immortality. Giloy, a climber shrub with green leaves and a bitter taste, is often called amrita in Ayurveda. Even though Giloy, Heart-leaved moonseed, does not grant you eternal life, it can treat countless ailments. Drinking giloy juice benefits your skin, hair, immune system, liver, and cardiovascular health.

Giloy, scientifically called Tinospora cordifolia, is a common plant in the Indian Sub-continent. Indians often use it as a home remedial drink to cure acne, pigmentation, and other premature aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles. Let us discuss other Giloy health benefits in the following sections.

The properties of Giloy 

Guduchi, a Sanskrit term for giloy plant, has many benefits. To understand how this little green shrub is so eminent in healing and treating health conditions, you should know its properties. So, here we are with all the possible characteristics of this immortality drink. 

  • Anti-oxidant- The high anti-oxidant content in Giloy makes it excellent in eliminating the free radical activity in the skin and internal organs of the body. Basically, it is essential in the cell regeneration process.
  • Anti-toxic- Removing toxins from the body is necessary for blood purification. Once the blood supply is pure, other organs start behaving competently. Giloy detoxifies the liver and kidneys, increasing their efficiency.
  • Anti-stress- Mental health care is another of the many giloy health benefits. It relaxes your mood by influencing dopamine and serotonin production in the brain. It is proficient in treating depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Anti-viral- Giloy stem benefits relieve chronic viral infections and fever, such as coronavirus. Seasonal viral fevers can get severe if not taken care of. So, prepare yourself for seasonal fevers with a Giloy juice drink every day.
  • Anticoagulation- Many lifestyle diseases can result in blood clotting, which can cause severe consequences in the long run. Basically, giloy helps treat thrombophilia and other clotting-related conditions.
  • Antimicrobial- Giloy is anti-pyretic and anti-bacterial, lowering the fever associated with viral, bacterial, and other microbial infections. It is well known for upsurging the platelets count in dengue fever.
  • Anti-inflammatory-  Arthritis and gout are some disorders associated with bone pain and inflammation. One of the critical benefits of giloy juice is that it can prevent and cure these ailments with its anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory constituents.
  • Immunity booster- Drinking giloy juice benefits one by building a potent immune system to resist infections and ailments. The Giloy immunity booster is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wound healing- Ever since the ancient Indian days, people have used giloy paste on injuries for fast recovery. It is an easy, deft, and cheap healing method without side effects.
  • Anti-diabetic- Diabetic patients can drink giloy juice as it has anti-hyperglycemic activity. Basically, giloy burns the extra glucose in the body, which is quite therapeutic for type -2 diabetic patients. 

Explore 10 Hidden Giloy Juice Benefits for Skin

Drinking the juice of giloy stem benefits your skin in way too many aspects. We have listed each of the benefits of Giloy juice for you and your dermis. Check out if you seek a cure for any skin problems. 

1. Cures Acne

Giloy helps to treat acne

The antibacterial properties of Giloy make it a perfect ingredient to combat acne and pimples. Drinking giloy juice benefits blood purification, and clean blood circulation in the face helps reduce skin-related issues. Pimples and acne occur because of bacterial infection, inflammation, and excessive sebum production. Basically, giloy attacks the root cause of the problem and relieves you of stressful pimple bursts. 

2. Treats Hyperpigmentation

Free radical activities on the face result in freckles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation on the skin. Giloy uses its ability to protect from UV damage and lighten the skin’s complexity. Protection against sun damage is the first step in curing pigmented skin. So, if your ankles and elbows are highly pigmented, use Giloy to lighten and brighten the dark spots on the various body parts. 

3. Slows Skin Aging

Giloy contains flavonoids and polyphenols that are good for thwarting premature aging by preventing cell decay. Free radicals speed up the aging process with oxidative stress. Giloy can also stop it with antioxidants (flavonoids and polyphenols). It even promotes collagen production, which helps firm the skin and provides elasticity, aiding you to look even younger. 

4. Hydrates and Rejuvenates

To make your beautiful skin look even fresher and hydrated, you must try Giloy juice. It contains 17% moisture and makes you appear refreshed, bright, and fair. You should drink Giloy juice to begin your day with a youthful and energetic aura. If you do not have morning breakfast rituals, drink Giloy after a hefty and tiresome day to restore your sparkly face. 

5. Enhances Glowing Skin

As you already know, Giloy works on blood circulation and purification. You should also know that better blood flow in the facial muscle promotes glowing and youthful skin. Regular consumption of giloy juice can provide flawless and bright skin that will make the heads turn. Although walk with grace and confidence after adding this magical juice to your diet.

6. Remedies Dermatitis

Giloy uses in treating skin conditions are not unknown. It is acknowledged for treating eczema, dermatitis, leprosy, and many more. These illnesses are severe and complex to cure. However, the root of immortality, Giloy, has anti-microbial properties that help it prevent and kill the viruses and bacteria responsible for causing such issues.

7. Thwarts Free Radical Damage

Giloy juice benefits your skin with multivitamins and minerals essential for skin health and protection from unwanted ailments. Free radicals are highly destructive to the skin. They cause dullness, irritation, fine lines, and acne on the face due to the charged oxidative states. Vitamin E and C in giloy are excellent anti-oxidants that prevent free radical activities. 

8. Heals Scars

Heals Scars

Giloy juice has astringent properties that heal cuts, wounds, and scars. It even tones the skin and lightens the dark, injured spots. Basically, a giloy paste can support healing skin injuries by enhancing collagen production and clot formation. Scientific trials on animals proved that Giloy has skin-regenerating and wound-healing properties, which may also apply to humans. 

9. Skin Allergies

If you are constantly irritated with skin allergies and sensitivity, drink Giloy juice every morning. It will purify your blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the various body parts, including the face, forehead, and neck. When these areas recover oxygen-rich blood, they hand down cures and prevent allergic reactions. Drinking giloy juice benefits your skin by avoiding seasonal allergies and skin problems.

10. Removes Dark Circles

Night shifts, hectic schedules, and stress can cause ugly eyebags with dark circles. Worry no more! Gilloy juice is the ultimate solution for curing periorbital hyperpigmentation. Under-eye skin is susceptible, and you must take extra care when dealing with it. Therefore, giloy is the best option as it heals it from the inside out without causing any unwanted effects. 

5 Astounding Benefits of Giloy Juice for Hair

Who doesn’t want silky, smooth, and voluminous hair? Take a look at the benefits of Giloy juice for your hair. Add this drink to your diet regime and notice the difference within a few weeks. 

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Giloy promotes hair growth

Giloy has adaptogenic properties to help relieve stress, which sometimes leads to hair fall. So, if you are dealing with stress-related hair loss, giloy is your answer. Drinking Giloy juice with some honey every morning can promote hair growth. You can also tackle other reasons for hair fall, such as pollution, hormonal imbalance, and even lack of nutrition, with the help of Giloy. 

2. Strengthen the roots 

Scalp health is of prime importance when dealing with weak hair and breakage. So, improve your scalp condition with a glass of Giloy juice daily. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to deal with the microbes responsible for causing damage to the scalp. Strengthen your roots and flaunt your thick and robust hair in front of the world. 

3. Reduces and Prevents Dandruff

There are several reasons for dandruff in winter; you can tackle it with giloy juice before it even occurs. The anti-bacterial properties of Giloy combat microbes like dandruff, lice, etc., that degrade the scalp and cause itching and dryness—drinking Giloy juice benefits by killing these microbes, controlling their growth, and preventing their return. 

4. Improves the Quality of Hair

Whether split ends, weak hair, or breakage, giloy can cure all hair damage. If you suffer from frizzy and unmanageable hair, drink Giloy juice or apply its paste on the hair weekly for a few months and notice the difference yourself. Within a few weeks, you will find that your hair is voluminous, smooth, and shiny from root to tip. Giloy is also beneficial for preventing grey hair. 

5. Repairs follicle damage

Oxidative stress damages hair and its follicles, making them weak and prone to breakage. It also slows down hair growth, causing pattern and uneven baldness. Basically anti-oxidants in Giloy can be a game-changer in this case. Surely they stop the radical damage in the scalp and allow the hair to flourish. It even thwarts the chance of redness and itchiness. 

Components of Giloy

Giloy contains unique elements, making it a magical product for your skin, hair, and internal organs. Guduchi’s top most useful active ingredients are: 

  • Alkaloids– Stems of giloy contain palmatine, jatrorrhizine, and magnoflorine. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, pain relief, and anti-microbial properties. That’s why it protects you from a variety of illnesses and inflammations.
  • Terpenoids- If you are wondering about the reason for Giloy’s taste, the sole basis for its bitterness is the presence of terpenoids. Basically, they are anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-malaria to fight against fever. Terpenoids even increase cerebral blood flow and help with cognitive thinking.
  • Lignan- Giloy juice benefits women with its lignan content in many ways: it helps them through menopause, prevents breast cancer, etc. Apart from these, lignan also thwarts heart conditions and osteoporosis in middle-aged people. It even has anti-tumor properties.
  • Steroids- Generally, the roots and stems of this plant are rich in steroids, which help cure heart conditions and wounds. Afterwards, those who recently suffered from an injury or are tackling heart-related issues should drink Giloy juice daily for quick recovery.  

Learn How to Make Giloy Juice at Home

Above all, now that you have gathered all the reasons for drinking his magical juice learn how to prepare one at home. So, here is a recipe for the Tinospora cordifolia concoction. 

giloy juice
Giloy Stem6 inches (for a single serving)
Normal Water1 Glass 
HoneyAs per your taste 


  1. Cut a six-inch shrub branch with green leaves. 
  2. Wash them up with tap water.
  3. Cut them into small, even pieces.
  4. Put them in a blender and pour a glass of water.
  5. Turn on the blender and let it mix until the whole concoction is green.
  6. When the texture of the juice is smooth and green overall, switch off the machine. 
  7. Strain the liquid with a muslin cloth. 
  8. Pour the drink into a glass and add honey or salt for taste (not mandatory). 
  9. Raise a toast to a long and healthy life with giloy juice!

Other Giloy Health Benefits 

Guduchi is a boon for the skin and hair and other health benefits. Giloy juice benefits range from fever relief to digestive aid and blood sugar management. 

  • Heals Fever- Giloy Juice has antipyretic characteristics to deal with fever and high body temperature. Its ingredients improve immunity and raise platelets during dengue fever. Giloy health benefits are widespread in terms of dealing with dengue and malaria.
  • Arthritis- Joint pains and inflammations are common after a certain age. You can prevent or at least delay arthritis-related issues by adding a glass of Giloy juice to your daily meal. Undoubtedly, it has anti-inflammatory substances that help deal with low bone density at the early stages.
  • Manages Blood Sugar Levels– Giloy is anti-diabetic. So, in case you have type-2 diabetes and are selective with your food and beverages, giloy is your safe pick. It also has some hypoglycemic activities that can maintain the blood sugar levels. However, consider the dosage as per the doctor’s guidelines.
  • Digestive Health- Constipation? Diarrhea? Indigestion? Drink a glass of Giloy water and bid adios to all your digestion issues! It can help you deal with obesity and overeating problems and remove toxic substances from your gut. All know that Giloy has anti-toxin properties, which is also a godsend for your digestive system.
  • Immunity booster- Giloy kadha boosts immunity and helps deal with illnesses and infections. Giloy fills the vital nutrients needed to fight against diseases. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your WBCs and platelet counts, drink giloy juice.
  • Keep liver healthy- Manage the cholesterol count in the liver with the help of daily giloy juice. It even promotes cell regeneration and prevents degradation in the liver due to alcohol abuse. Additionally, Giloy is a superb detoxifier, a must-have for the liver and kidneys.
  • Reduces Stress and anxiety- Drinking Giloy juice benefits your mental health by reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. A healthy mind is equally important as a healthy body. Therefore, take a break from your tight schedule and prepare yourself a giloy drink for refreshment.
  • Good for eyes- Giloy juice can improve your eyesight and treat eye-related ailments such as watery eyes and problems focusing on electronic devices. Basically giloy can aid in recovering burning sensations, redness, and itchiness in the eye.  


After reading this blog, you must have decided why you should consider adding Giloy juice to your diet plan. After all, it is loaded with eternal lifetime benefits and essential nutrients required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. With almost no side effects, giloy grants you the liberty to try out its recipe with no regrets. 

Therefore, go out and pick some Giloy twigs and make yourself and your loved ones a glass of Amrita juice. Revive your glowing skin and flex your long, lustrous, and dandruff-free hair. 

Related Questions and Answers

Is guduchi and giloy same?

Yes. Giloy is the Hindi name of the Sanskrit term Guduchi, a plant scientifically called Tinospora cordifolia. 

How to make Giloy Juice?

All you need is a twig of Giloy plant and a cup of water. Then, blend it into a smooth paste and strain the excessive solid part. Pour the drink into a glass and have your magical Giloy juice. 

Can giloy juice treat hair fall?

Yes. Giloy repairs the follicle damage and strengthens the roots, promoting growth and preventing hair fall. It also helps deal with stress, one of the most common reasons for hair loss.

What are Giloy uses?

Giloy helps lower dengue fever, increase platelet count, boost immunity, thwart hair fall, treat eczema, heal acne, and reduce fine lines.

Can I drink Giloy immunity booster juice every day?

Yes, of course you can drink the Giloy juice twice every day. However, if you have some severe health conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart condition, or cancer etc., consult your doctor if it is safe for your health.

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