10 Health Benefits of Brandy With Hot Water: The Cozy Pairing

Benefits of Brandy With Hot Water
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If you are looking for a warm and cozy drink for winter, you are at the right place. Try the perfect duo brandy with hot water and notice the changes. If your hand is engaged in holding a glass of brandy with hot water, you’re doing the right thing. There are a lot of health benefits of brandy drinking in your day-to-day life. 

Furthermore, You will be surprised that this drink brings an abundance of benefits to your healthy life. Brandy means burnt wine and is a liquor made from fermented fruit juice, typically fermented grape juice. It can also be prepared from apples, apricots, and cherries. Brandy mixed with warm water has been used for a long time not just for keeping your body warm but also to treat many health issues.  

What Are The Incredible Benefits of Brandy with Hot Water?

This alcoholic cum healthy drink helps in treating many issues like sleeping problems, respiratory issues, amongst others. Below mentioned are some noticeable benefits of brandy for cough, skin, hair, etc:

1. Impacts on Cardiovascular Health

Brandy is produced from grapes which are a good source of antioxidants helpful for your heart health. The antioxidants assist in regulating cholesterol levels and by reducing the quantity of bad cholesterol in the heart it prevents plaque buildup. To avoid heart attacks and strokes it is important to prevent atherosclerosis, the polyphenolic chemical present in brandy helps in reducing artery irritation. It also helps in reducing blood pressure by relaxing blood vessel tension. 

Note- Excessive intake is harmful to the heart, so take good care while consuming it. A single glass of brandy with hot water is considered safe.

2. Aids Cold and Flu

One of the most common health benefits of brandy drinking is that it fights against colds and coughs. During winter, it is very common to suffer from cold, fever, and flu, hot water gives quick relief from such cases of flu. Adding brandy with hot water gives much more-needed comfort to your body. Brandy is filled with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help in the treatment of throat irritation and other infections. When it is consumed after dinner, it helps in clearing mucus and reducing pain in sore throat. 

Benefits of brandy

3. Resolves Sleeping Issues

Brandy is a package of properties that give calming, warming, and relaxing effects, that may contribute to good and deep sleep. After knowing the benefits of brandy for cough and cold, It also helps to resolve sleeping problems. Brandy has soothing and relaxing qualities that induce a person to have a sound sleep. If you too suffer from less quality sleep then you must try sipping on brandy but in moderation. Additionally, the sedative properties are useful for people suffering from insomnia, delirium, and restlessness in acute illness, especially old-aged people.

Caution- Make sure you don’t go to bed instantly after consuming brandy, as it may lead to headache and vomiting

4. Contributes to Weight Loss

There are other health benefits of brandy drinking that also involve aiding weight loss. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, brandy consists of no carbs and low cholesterol which keeps your body weight under control. Hot water with brandy is served as an aperitif without causing any harm to your appetite. Brandy has no storage of fat in itself so you can enjoy drinking brandy before or after dinner without worrying about your weight and cholesterol.

5. Contains Anti-aging Properties

Why waste money on expensive treatments when you can prevent premature aging by enjoying the drink? Brandy contains antioxidants that are linked with copper which eliminates the effect of free radicals. Free radicals are the leftovers of metabolic processes that cause healthy cells to change into dead cells. Brandy protects against wrinkles on the skin, cognitive issues, impaired eyesight, chronic disease, and other aging symptoms that grow with age. 

6. Enhances Your Skin Health

Improved and glowing skin is one of the major health benefits of brandy drinking. Ellagic acid is a potent chemical found in brandy that restricts the formation and spread of malignant infections. It also helps in minimizing bacterial and viral infections such as warts, chicken pox, and boils. Researchers claim gently rubbing brandy on your skin like wrinkle cream can improve the appearance of the skin. If you are a skin-conscious person consult your doctor before applying it on your face as there are no scientifically proven facts to it.

7. Boosts Immune System

With the benefits of brandy for skin and health, it has been a trusted source of boosting the immune system for years. The antibacterial nature of brandy helps in strengthening and  functioning immunity as it eliminates pathogens in your system. Pathogens are taxonomically widely diverse and cause viruses and bacteria. One 30ml shot of brandy contains 90 mg of vitamin C which is a very good source of boosting immunity, especially during winters. 

8. Relieves Respiratory Infections

Improvement in the respiratory system is placed at the top health benefits of brandy drinking. It works as an expectorant, giving relief from issues like coughs and lung infections. It helps to lose mucus and phlegm in the respiratory system. Brandy has excellent anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties like ethanol that are very effective in relieving certain issues like sore throats and chest infections. When brandy is paired with hot water, its high alcohol proportion helps in recovering from fever and cold in no time.

Suggestion – If you are dealing with a respiratory infection, do not make brandy your substitute for any medical treatment. It is best to first visit your health professional.

9. Prevents Cancer Cells

Ellagic acid, a powerful compound in brandy, prevents the development of cancerous cells. The most common effect in treating cancer is observed in ovarian and bladder cancer. The antioxidants help to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals which supports the growth of cancer cells. As there is no evidence-based information on brandy in cancer patients, it is important for cancer patients to get proper medical treatment.

Benefits of brandy during Cold

10. Builds Strong Hair

Continuing with the health benefits of brandy drinking it is important to note that Brandy is potentially beneficial for hair health too, as the alcohol content in brandy removes the impurities from the scalp and promotes hair growth. Unlike other alcohol-based products, brandy does not cause dryness and damage to the hair. However, you should use brandy in moderation to avoid any side effects. Applying brandy on your scalp helps to dilate the blood vessels which in turn gives more nutrients to the scalp and promotes thick and shiny hair growth. 

You Should Know: 5 Types of Brandy

Along with the numbers of health benefits of brandy drinking it is essential to know the different types of brandy. Regular brandy is made by fermenting grape juice, brandy is a fruity sweet liquor that is also enjoyed as a part of a cocktail. France has been a popular country for producing different types of brandy across the world. Let’s shed a little light on the various types of brandy:

1. Cognac Brandy

It is the most revered brandy among all the others. Cognac is only made from fermented grapes, it is highly demanded for its soft and smooth taste with the distillation of high-quality grapes. The tastiest cognac brandy is distilled from white grapes only. In many ways, cognac is the best standard of brandy.

2. Armagnac Brandy

Armagnac is the oldest brandy that is still distilled in the world. Particularly it is known for its mouth-filling flavor that involves chocolate, dry fruits, and caramel. Only four varieties of grapes are involved in making Armagnac that are- Baco, Folle, Blanche, Columbard, and Ugni Blanc. It is a French brandy that is mostly enjoyed after the meal.

3. Calvados

Calvados is an apple brandy, it is only produced in Normandy and it begins as a cider. This brandy is not overly complex, it is the best way to complete your evening time. Calvados are mostly fermented by apples but sometimes also distilled from perry ( made from pears). Many bartenders believe that Calvados are great in cocktails. 

4. Pisco Brandy

Peru and Chile make the most Pisco brandy made from fermented grape juice using specific grape varieties. The aroma of this brandy is stronger than its taste as it tastes like burnt wine. Pisco is mostly enjoyed as a cocktail drink, you can now find Pisco brandy on menus of trendy wine and cocktail bars. 

5. Armenian Brandy 

Armenian brandy is famous for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. It can offer certain health benefits to improve heart health only when consumed in moderation. This brandy is highly regarded for its smoothness and aging process. Only high-quality grapes are fermented to make Armenian brandy. 

Be Careful: Pregnant Lady Should Avoid Brandy!

Along with the health benefits of brandy drinking it is important to discuss consumption of brandy during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies are strictly not allowed to consume brandy. Drinking brandy during pregnancy causes harm to the baby growing in the womb. Also, alcohol mixed drinks can cause lifelong medicinal and birth problems. The reason behind this is that alcohol travels with the mother’s blood into the baby’s blood, tissues, and organs. Alcohol will remain in the baby’s body for a longer time than the mother’s body so, the baby can face lifetime damage. Here are some serious problems caused by brandy in pregnancy:

  • Heart Disease
  • Change in the shape of the face 
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Developmental issues
  • Low birth weight
  • High risk of miscarriage
  • Poor muscle tone and difficulty in movement
  • Weakens neuro system

If not given proper attention to it, brandy can range from mild problems to severe problems.

How Much Brandy is Appropriate to Consume?

After discussing the multiple health benefits of brandy drinking, it is also important to discuss the accurate amount that one should intake at a time. Brandy, taken in moderate quantities prevents many health issues. If you are in the habit of taking brandy on a daily basis then you should only intake a 2/10 ratio of brandy with hot water to bring positive health changes in your life. The climate of the place is the major factor that affects the drink. People living in colder climates will find it more beneficial for their health than those in hotter climates. Health experts recommend you limit the drink to 2 standard drinks for men and 1 standard drink for women per day.

Can Brandy Cure Cough and Cold Two-Year-Old?

There are various necessary health benefits of brandy drinking but alcohol involved in any drink is not safe for babies. It is harder for the little baby to process alcohol in the body. But still, if you trust brandy more than medications then half a teaspoon or 2.5ml once or twice is good enough to cure the baby. Keep the baby’s head and feet covered with an extra layer of blanket and ensure adequate hydration and nutrition. This is enough to protect your baby from cold. So, avoid giving brandy to your little one. 

Note- If your baby pukes after the brandy shot, avoid the dose and consult your doctor for a cure.

Preferable Climate to Drink Brandy 

Over the years, people have enjoyed numerous health benefits of brandy drinking mostly in the winter season. It is observed that winter is the most suitable season for the consumption of brandy. Even children are given brandy mixed with honey to combat colds and coughs in cold weather. Alcohol present in brandy makes you feel warm because it brings warm blood closer to the surface of the skin. Also, brandy with hot water provides you with better comfort and sound sleep at night during winter. 

Note- Daily consumption may lead to addiction that will start creating problems in your liver.

Unfavorable Effects of Consuming Brandy

With the health benefits of brandy drinking, you should also be aware of certain risks of brandy. Health experts recommend you to drink 1 or 2 standard drinks per day. Excessive drinking puts you at the following risks:

  1. With the overconsumption of brandy you can experience the feeling of dizziness, impairment, headache, drowsiness, and loss of balance.
  2. Drinking brandy for a long time causes long-term brain damage and memory loss. Alcohol in the brandy can change the neurotransmitters in your brain.
  3. Increased absorption of brandy gives rise to alcohol poisoning and can cause vomiting, difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness.
  4. If your brandy intake is high, it will automatically stress your cardiovascular system and may cause heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes.
  5. If your alcohol level in brandy goes unchecked, it can diminish the health benefits of brandy drinking. Also, it can become the reason for fatty liver diseases, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and sometimes liver failure.


We came across numerous health benefits of brandy drinking with hot water, and how it cherishes our well-being. The warmth of hot water and the positive qualities of brandy soothe the throat and give a comforting sensation. Because of its high antioxidant and antibacterial properties, there are many benefits of brandy for hair, skin, cold, and cough. It is important to enjoy the drink responsibly and in a harmless way. Cheers to the pleasurable moments joined with a glass of brandy and hot water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brandy?

Brandy is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made of fermented fruit juice, especially grapes. It is most often used to cure colds and coughs.

What are the health benefits of brandy drinking?

If taken in moderation, brandy can benefit your health in many ways like maintaining the respiratory system, contributing to weight loss, boosting the immune system, etc.

What are the benefits of brandy for skin?

The anti-aging properties help in preventing premature aging by eliminating free radicals. Politely rubbing brandy on your skin can improve the appearance of the skin.

Why should we not use brandy as a substitute for medical treatment?

Brandy will only provide you with temporary relief, it is important to address the main cause of any health issue and follow your doctor’s direction.

What are the potential risks of brandy?

Overconsumption of brandy may lead you to several severe health problems like liver damage, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and difficulty in breathing.

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