Benefits of Eating Jamun Fruit: Keep your Health in Check

benefits of eating jamun
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The onset of rain brings back the taste of the delicious purple fruit with all the childhood memories. Sweet and sour flavoured jamun is a treat to the tongue and a boon for the internal organs. There are numerous benefits of eating jamun fruit, and diabetic patients have a lot to make use of. Many are unaware that jamun has a very high curative value for the doctors and patients. 

In some parts of India jamun is regarded as the fruit of Gods. Keeping aside the Hindu mythological perspective, jamun actually does have some elixir-like medicinal importance. The fruit does not only change the color of your tongue but also alters your lifeline. It reduces the risks of acquiring type-2 diabetes even before its outbreak. 

If you are searching for the overall information about jamun fruit benefits and side effects, you have arrived at the perfect destination. Keep reading to learn more. 

20 Incredible Benefits of Eating Jamun Fruit for a Healthy Body

As the season approaches and jamun falls off the trees, we can very well discuss its health benefits while munching the soury fruit. Enriched with calcium, phosphorus, fibre and proteins, Malabar Plum is the source of so many natural ingredients. Scientifically known as Syzygium Cumini, jamun is the native fruit of the Indian subcontinent. As we happen to enjoy this deliciously juicy fruit every year, we must also know the incredible benefits of eating jamun fruit. Check out the list below:

benefits of jamun fruit

1. Acts as a Blood Purifier and Improves Haemoglobin Count

People with low oxygen level in blood or patients of anaemia and jaundice must add jamun in their diet. Humans need iron to make haemoglobin, a protein which transports oxygen in the blood. The presence of vitamin C and iron in jamun fruit benefits the haemoglobin count to increase in the blood. In turn it purifies blood making it sustainable to carry enough oxygen to carry out everyday activity. Jamun is also good for menstruating females to recover the blood loss. 

2. Reduces Diabetic Symptoms

We know that the diabetic patients are usually frustrated because of the frequent urination problem. This is mainly because the kidneys work extra time to filter out the highly concentrated glucose rich blood. This problem is tackled by Jamun’s low glycemic index. Major benefits of eating jamun is that it converts carbohydrates into energy and helps in diluting the blood. Excessive thirst is another symptom of diabetes, which can be cured by Jamun. Jamun seeds, rich in Jamboline and Jambosine, increase insulin secretion to lower the sugar level in the blood. 

3. Good for Heart

Potassium and magnesium present in Jamun are the two most important minerals for heart health. Jamun fruit benefits by preventing diseases like hypertension (high blood pressure), myocardial infarction (heart stroke) and other problems by keeping the blood vessels in check. One must know that potassium is an extremely essential component for the heart as it triggers every single heartbeat. Sodium and potassium work hand-in-hand to carry out everyday heart activities. Magnesium, on the other hand, controls the contractions of blood vessels. Hence, keeping the blood pressure in check.

jamun good for health

4. Keeps Cholesterol Level in Check

The deposition of fatty acids on the inner surface of the blood vessels is the result of high cholesterol levels. These depositions interfere with the blood flow, and when these deposits fall out as clots, they result in stroke. To prevent this, jamun can be helpful. It contains dietary fibres, antioxidants and minerals which restrict the plaque formation in the blood vessels. Eating jamun everyday thwarts the arteries from thickening, allowing the blood to flow smoothly. Jamun fruit benefits by giving us a long healthy and high-cholesterol free life.

5. Acts as an Anti-Allergic

If you have sensitive pimple prone skin, and are looking for an easy way out, try Jamun seeds. They contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of flavonoids and polyphenols. Jamun fruit pulp provides relief when applied to the affected allergic areas. People suffering from redness, ulcers, rashes and other skin related allergies should try this method for instant relief. It brings out the cooling sensation while healing the affected region. 

6. Fights Arthritis

According to Ayurveda, jamun can be helpful in curing arthritis. Since ancient times people have been using homemade jamun remedies for stomach and joint pains. Arthritis occurs due to degeneration of the bone joints. Jamun is well known for healing inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Research and experimentation is still going on rats based on bone resorption and inflammation reduction with the help of jamun seed extracts. Human arthritis might even someday be cured completely by jamun extracts. 

7. Removes Kidney Stones

Those wanting to get rid of the painful kidney stones; and those wanting to prevent it altogether in the future should eat jamun daily. Jamun prevents the nausea and vomiting sensation by flushing out the toxins out of the kidney as well. If someone feels nauseous, offering some Indian black berries would be a good decision. The diuretics in jamun remove the unwanted toxicants from the kidney through urine. As we all know, urination is the best way of removing stones from the kidney. 

jamun Removes Kidney Stones

8. Prevents and Cures Anemia

Anemia is caused due to the low level of red blood cell production in the blood. To normalize the RBC level, haemoglobin should be checked. Eating jamun daily increases the iron content in the blood. Iron, in turn, improves the haemoglobin production which is essential for the anemic patients. People suffering from anemia must add jamun in their diet plan as it helps in the increase of RBCs and purifies blood. This cures anemia and relieves you of the tiresome and weak body towards a better life. 

9. Assists in Brain Development

Malabar plum is filled with loads of antioxidants and flavonoids, the plant compounds. They are of great use in the development of body and mind. Growing children must eat jamun for sharper and active brain functioning. Not only for the children but adults must also make jamun a part of their summer time snack. Oxidative stress, usually one of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus, can be prevented by eating jamun as it is filled with antioxidants. 

10. Takes Care of the Gut

Constipation and indigestion are real diseases, and yet not taken seriously. The long term effects of these issues cause bigger problems like haemorrhoids and fissure. Therefore, a simple solution would be eating jamun regularly. One of the many benefits of eating jamun is that it promotes healthy digestion. The presence of dietary fibres in it help in better bowel movement, while astringents offer relief from diarrhoea and dysentery. 

11. Prevents Respiratory Diseases

From minor coughs and cold to major diseases like bronchitis and asthma, jamun is useful in a wide range of respiratory illnesses. The development of catarrh in the back of the nasal and lung cavity can be tackled with jamun. It has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties required to reduce the mucus in the passage. Jamun clears out the blockage in tracts for better breathing. It further boosts immunity against other respiratory related infections from occurring.

12. An Aid in Asthma

Asthma is one of the most severe respiratory diseases. The acute chest pain and difficulty in breathing makes everyday chores seem like a big task. Moreover, asthma symptoms become dreadful when triggered by viruses, cold or flu. Jamun tree bark and seed extracts possess antibacterial, antiviral and anti asthmatic properties to tackle such problems. Asthmatic patients should eat jamun regularly to avoid getting cough, cold and flu which might trigger their attacks. 

13. Keeps Teeth Strong and Shiny

Jamun contains vitamin-c with antioxidant properties, it makes our teeth strong. The best way to use jamun is to dry out its leaves and use the powder for teeth and gum strengthening. One can use the bark extracts of jamun as a mouthwash to avoid ulcers and gingivitis. Gargling with jamun bark or fruit extract not only reduces the chances of acquiring these infections but also gives fresh breath. One of the many  benefits of eating jamun is its antibacterial property of getting rid of the mouth germs and providing oral protection.   

Jamun Keeps Teeth Strong and Shiny

14. Is Antibacterial and Fights Infections

The presence of astringents in jamun makes it a powerful weapon against skin infections like rashes and allergies. It tackles oily skin by keeping it fresh and acne free. The antibacterial property of Jamun is credited to oxalic, gallic and malic acid in it. Bacterias and harmful microbes in skin are handled by tannins and betulinic acid. Most antibacterial components in jamun are present in its leaves. Jamun’s acids are the key compounds that eradicate bad breath and help in oral hygiene. 

15. Acts as a Skin Care Agent

Worries about those fine age lines? Looking for an effortless solution for ageing? Jamun is your best hope. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and hydration, and jamun has antioxidants that promote collagen production. Powdered jamun seeds are useful in scar removal and lightning up the blemishes off the skin. Glowing skin is an easy go if you are eating jamun enriched with vitamin-C. Give it a try and see the difference in weeks. 

Jamun acts as a Skin Care Agent

16. Help in Weight Loss and Fights Obesity

One of the many benefits of eating jamun is weight loss. Jamun has astringents which give us a feeling of satiation after finishing our food. This sensation helps in reducing appetite, fighting the war against overeating. Jamun makes a suitable salad as well. So, if you are planning on switching to a healthy diet, add jamun in the list of salads too. We have even provided the salad recipe of jamun in the following section of this blog. 

17. Takes Care of The Optical Health

Did you know that lack of vitamin A  can lead to night blindness. No worries, because the fruit of gods is richly packed with vitamin A. Moreover, UV light damages the eye after sometime, as the person ages. Jamun provides just the right amount of vitamin C to slow the ultraviolet light damage to the eye. As we all know that with old age collagen production is reduced, cornea in the eye also needs this collagen. Jamun helps in its recovery too. 

18. Boosts Immunity

White blood cells are like police in the blood system. They fight against harmful bacteria that might cause infections and diseases. Jamun provides us with the ideal vitamin C which promotes the production of WBCs in the blood. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, also helps in healing wounds. As discussed above, Indian plum is an excellent fighter against cardiovascular diseases, like stroke, cholesterol and most importantly diabetes.

19. Improves Hair Health

For hair growth, try powdered jamun seed and honey paste on hair. Just mix the two ingredients and comb from root to tip and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it off with your regular shampoo. Repetition of this method twice a week can result in voluminous, healthy and long hair in two months. Furthermore, if you are frustrated with oily scalp and sticky texture, then jamun can rescue you with its astringent properties. Long hair with perfect texture makes life so much better. 

jamun seeds

20. Benefits of Jamun in Pregnancy

Mother-to-be often craves sour and sweet snacks. Picking jamun for that reason is not a bad choice. Jamun is filled with nutrients essential for growth and development of the baby. It is also good for that pregnancy glow that everybody talks about. Yet, one must eat jamun in moderation (6-7 pieces a day). Excessive eating  can cause irritation in the chest and throat, and low blood sugar level. Hence, always consult your doctor in case of doubt. 

Benefits of Eating Jamun Fruit for a Diabetic Person

A type-2 diabetes is incurable for now, but with regular diet and exercise it can be maintained. 8.5% of the world’s population is dealing with this lifestyle disease and now due to obesity even children are vulnerable to it. The main problem with type-2 diabetes is that the body does not utilise sugar aka glucose in a manner that it should. Insulin is the hormone responsible for the movement of glucose in the cell, giving us energy to work. Now, when the pancreases are not producing the required amount of insulin, jamun fruit benefits by slowing down the starch-sugar conversion. 

Jambosine and Jamboline, the two main compounds of Jamun control the blood sugar level. Jamun possesses anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of polyphenolic components, flavonoids, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. These keep the beta cells in the pancreas safe from pancreatitis, ensuring the required production of insulin. 

Its low glycemic level allows it to cure the major symptoms of diabetes including the need of urinating frequently and extreme thirst. One of the other benefits of eating jamun is that it is a nice pass-time snack for diabetic patients because it is low on calories. 

How to Add Jamun in Your Lifestyle?

Not only the fruit but even the leaves and powdered seeds of Jamun are highly useful in the treatment of several diseases. Even though there are many benefits of eating jamun, people often find it difficult to eat it on a daily basis without getting bored. Therefore, check out the exciting ways of adding jamun in your daily diet this summer to regulate the sugar spikes. 

1. Make Jamun Fruit Juice

Jamun pulp, when added with black salt and honey in water, can make a delicious juice for the summer. Make sure you blend the ingredients nicely and add honey according to your own preference. The juice not only aids in better digestion but also reduces the symptoms of anaemia. Jamun fruit juice gives you energy to start your day with regulated insulin in the blood. 

jamun fruit benefits and side effects

2. Buy or Make the Jamun Fizz

Although the beverage is available online and in stores, you can still try to make it at home. The simple recipe is to take 200ml lemon soda and 500ml apple juice and blend it in a cocktail shaker. Drop a few jamuns (10-12) in the blended drink and let the flavours settle in. Serve it cold by pouring the lime soda. The fizzy drink delivers a refreshing feeling on a hot summer day. 

3. Try out Jamun Chia Pudding

If you like trying different food and cooking, do check out the delicious jamun-chia pudding. Here is how to make it- take 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, honey and 1.5 cup milk. Mix it well and let it settle in the fridge overnight. In the morning, puree out the jamun pulp, and mix it with the chia mixture. Serve it by garnishing with the desired nuts. Chia seeds are known for lowering the blood sugar level and are full of antioxidants.

4. Salad out the Jamun!

Jamun makes an excellent salad with mango or even quinoa. Chef Kunal Kapur shares a delicious way to serve quinoa-jamun salad. Take a cup of cool but boiled quinoa in a bowl. Add 100 gm of chopped jamuns, tomatoes, spring onions and cucumbers. Add lemon juice, olive oil, crushed jamuns, salt and black pepper according to taste. Mix it well. Your tasty-healthy salad is ready to eat. 

benefits of eating jamun fruit

5. Or Just Munch it as a Snack!

The simplest and the easiest method is to eat the fruit raw. However, one must wash it with normal tap water to get rid of the dirt and germs. Jamun has low calorie and for those on weight loss diet, this is a gift. One of the main benefits of eating jamun is satiety for the obese people. Jamun brings out the feeling of fullness, keeping the diet short and limited, stopping you from excessive eating. 

Jamun Fruit Side Effects

Overall, we know that the nutrients in jamun are beneficial in ways more than we can count. Yet, we must consider jamun fruit benefits and side effects both while deciding on adding it to our diet. As the saying goes “Excess of everything is dangerous,” one must regulate the quantity of the malabar plum they eat in a day. Listed below are a few side effects of eating jamun fruit.

  1. Hypoglycemia– Jamun might cure and control diabetes by lowering the blood sugar level, but too low BP is also quite dangerous. 
  2. Kidney Stones– Eating excessive jamun results in accumulation of oxalate compounds in the kidneys, which can later react with calcium to create stones. 
  3. Bloating & Constipation- Overeating actually affects the intestine lining and causes indigestion. 
  4. Itchy throat- Mucus and saliva mixture called sputum can accumulate in the throat and chest causing irritation. 
  5. Allergies- However, it is rare but if you find weird reactions to eating jamun, do visit a doctor to confirm the allergic reaction.


Jamun is a healthy snack with mouth watering flavour which can improve diabetic, cardiovascular and respiratory health. This Indian plum is filled with vitamin C to help our body fight against infections and has iron for moderation of haemoglobin in the blood. It beautifully justifies its title as “the fruit of god.” Yet, even after knowing so many benefits of eating jamun, the amount of jamun consumption should be regulated to avoid any side-effects.


Should we eat jamun daily?

Yes. Eating jamun daily in a limited amount can be very beneficial from a health perspective.

Is jamun good for diabetes?

Jamun is extremely helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level and treatment of type-2 diabetes.

Does Jamun cause acne?

People with acne prone skin must not eat too much jamun.

Is Jamun hot or cold for the body?

Jamun has a cooling effect on the body.

What are the side effects of Jamun?

Eating excessive jamun can cause low blood sugar level, itchy throat and mucus-saliva accumulation in the lungs.

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