Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea For a Calming Mind and Body

Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea
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Hibiscus tea is one of those healthy and delicious drinks which can be prepared in every household. It has ayurvedic origin from the Indian and African subcontinent. The herbal infusion with boiling water can be consumed before or after bed. The benefits of drinking hibiscus tea before bed includes relaxing the body and providing sound and peaceful sleep. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea

There are several advantages or health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea before bed on skin. Freshly plucked flowers from the garden gives it authenticity and prevents added preservatives bought from the market. Below mentioned points are the major health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea:

Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea

Boosts Respiratory Health 

The environmental pollution has been causing several respiration problems such as asthma and hiccups. Adding a cup of hibiscus tea with breakfast or dinner can enhance respiratory passage. For centuries hibiscus tea has been used to cure sore throats. Benefits of drinking hibiscus tea is to reduce body temperature also. 

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Research has uncovered that it may lower blood pressure. Hypertension is the health issue for people aged 30 plus who are generally unaware of the problem. The health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea before bed is that it promotes better blood  circulation. Improved blood circulation upgrades cardiovascular health. 

Contains Protective Antioxidants

Hibiscus is full of antioxidants such as vitamin c which acts as a supplement for poor diet. It serves as a health shield against dangerous chemicals and diseases. Studies show that it prevents cells from getting damaged. Damaged cells can cause serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes which can be prevented by antioxidants present in hibiscus.

Acts as Natural Antidepressant

With the growth of hustling work culture and competitive environment the stress factor has been increasing, leading to sleep deprivation and increase in stress level. Curing sleep cycle is one of the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea before bed, as it calms your senses and helps in getting uninterrupted sleep. 

Lowers Cholesterol Level 

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of hibiscus increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. Heart attacks and strokes are most frequently caused by high cholesterol levels. Although some studies have suggested that hibiscus may support normal cholesterol levels.

Reduces Obesity and Weight

Intake of hibiscus tea increases metabolism in the body. In both humans and animals, the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea is to reduce the building of fats in the body. Commonly caused fatty liver disease is because of poor eating and drinking habits, to which Hibiscus tea acts as a healthy, refreshing, and a therapeutic agent. 

Choosing the Right Beauty Routine and the Secret of Hibiscus Tea

With the advent of ample beauty products in the market, we often choose the wrong product for our face, which further causes tons of skin issues. The marketplace is dumped with a number of brands and products claiming to be the best. But how do we choose the right one? The alternative to the market products is drinking hibiscus tea which will keep the skin and organs healthy. So, what are the health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea? 

The rich source of antioxidants in the tea helps burn fat, aids menstrual health, improves normal blood pressure, fastens digestion and decreases the cholesterol level which ultimately keeps the skin healthy and glowing. The healing and nourishing property of hibiscus tea is an added advantage to the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea for skin. 


An interesting fact about hibiscus tea is that it is completely caffeine free. It’s for you, the tea lovers! Enjoy brewing a cup of hibiscus tea at home. The extract is used for dealing with health issues such as swelling, loss of appetite, nervous disorders, heart disorders, pain in the upper respiratory tract and stomach pain. With its global expansion hibiscus tea has been relished under unique flavour and names.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is hibiscus tea affordable?

Yes,it can be easily grown at home.

What are the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea before bed?

Drinking hibiscus tea before bed aids in sound and stress free sleep.

How can hibiscus tea be prepared?

Add one tablespoon of dried hibiscus in hot boiling water. Let it steep for 4 to 5 minutes,then strain it and pour into a cup.

What does hibiscus tea taste like?

Hibiscus is sour in taste similar to cranberry. A spoon of honey can be added to sweeten the flavour.

What are the health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea?

Consumption of hibiscus tea reduces cholesterol level, tackles respiratory problems and helps in reducing weight.

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