Benefits of drinking Mint Water: Cheers to Refreshment

Benefits of Drinking Mint
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Did you know that mint water is not just a simple drink but it unlocks many benefits for our overall well-being? The feeling of summer heat hits you hard, now it’s time to beat the heat and say cheers to mint water. Making mint water is as easy as it sounds. It not only gives you amazing taste but gives you the best health results by promoting the digestive system and stimulating the digestive enzymes. Along with the delicious taste, mint water seems to be a boon to your healthy life. So, let’s dig deeper into the wonders of this very easy and delicate refreshment drink. Here we have some benefits of drinking mint water for skin, body and health:

Low In Sugar and Calories

Mint water is a drink which is very low in calories as well as in sugar. You never get disappointed when you find something not only tasty but also low in calories and sugar at the same time. The bioactive phytonutrients present in mint boosts your overall health. It helps in fighting the unwanted diseases coming in the way and also helps you lower the sugar level.

Pacifies Indigestion

A number of reasons cause indigestion like overeating, oily food, cold and sometimes bad metabolism. Also sometimes indigestion occurs when food remains in the stomach for too long before passing into the other digestive tract. Mint contains menthol, which has proven to give calming effects to the muscles of the digestive system. But not only digestion but relieves cramps, bloating and gas. 

Aids Weight Loss

You have observed that obesity has been a major problem in most people’s lives. Obesity invites severe diseases along with itself. Mint water in the morning helps in assimilating nutrients properly which boosts metabolism. Faster metabolism aids weight loss. Thus to get benefits of drinking mint water in morning for weight loss would be an excellent option.

Reduces Fatigue 

Too much workload completely exhausts your mind and body which results in the signs of fatigue. To reduce the laziness from your body, Just prepare yourself a fresh mint water and enjoy the sips. The mint carries the aroma and the flavor, which is helpful to calm your mind and heightens your mood. Hence, you are boosted up with a refreshing mood.

Benefits of drinking Mint Water

Body Detoxification

Search for the best detox water for the body and you will get mint water at the top of the list as it is a very good source of detoxification. Mint water works as a cleanser because it flushes out the toxins for the body and boosts the immune system. Detoxification is one of the best benefits of drinking mint water for skin and body hydration especially during the summers. 

Benefits in Skincare

Mint water is very impactful for the skin when consumed in the morning. One of the best benefits of drinking mint water in the morning for skin is it reduces acne and reduces dark circles. Mint leaves are rich in salicylic and vitamin A which fights with the oily skin, oiliness leads to acne. Also, the antioxidant properties reduce the formation of dark circles. In addition, mint water hydrates and tones your skin.

Keeps You Hydrated

Sometimes you don’t enjoy drinking normal tap water, but at the same time you want to hydrate your body. A treat to your taste buds is absolutely one of the several benefits of drinking mint water for skin. So, to enhance your taste buds use mint to your water and enjoy the perfect beverage. It will help you stay hydrated all day long, keeping your body temperature and blood circulation balanced. 

Tempting or Risky? Unveil the Side Effects of Mint Water

There are rarely any side effects of mint water to people. But some allergies are suspected with the over consumption of mint water like:

  1. Menthol present in mint causes nausea, heartburn, and abdominal pain, when consumed in large amounts. 
  2. It is highly recommended to not have mint water if certain medications are going on. It may reduce the effect of medication. 
  3. People allergic to mint have chances to trigger asthma.
  4. Infants and small children are instructed to avoid mint water as it affects breathing.

Note: Pregnant women are advised to visit their doctor before having mint related beverages.

How To Make Mint Water

Mint water recipe only needs your few minutes. You just need mint leaves, water and ice cubes. Ice cubes are definitely optional. To enjoy the benefits of drinking mint water for skin and health, Here are the easy steps to make refreshing mint water:

  1. Put ¼ cup of mint leaves in one cup of boiling water and let it seep for 15 minutes.
  2. Stir 2 ice cubes and let the water set lukewarm.
  3. Pour the water in the jug or decanter and add 7 cups of cold water. Refrigerate it for at least 1 hour and your delicious mint water is ready.


The exploration of mint water suggests that it is not just a refreshing beverage but there are various benefits of drinking mint water for skin, digestion and many more health benefits. Mint water is a great option if added to your daily beverage lists. It gives flavorful taste to your taste buds and forces you to drink it right away. Also remember to drink it in limitation or sometimes overconsumption creates a mess in your health. However we conclude that mint water and its properties are amazing and worth trying. So, never say never to mint water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mint water help in reducing weight loss?

Yes, mint water has low calories and the benefits of drinking mint water in morning for weight loss results the best.

Are there any side effects of mint water?

Not exactly, but mint allergic people may suffer from negative effects of mint water.

Can mint water aid stomach ache? 

Menthol present in mint helps in aiding stomach pains and other issues by giving a soothing sensation.

What are the benefits of drinking mint water for skin?

Mint water hydrates your skin and benefits in reducing acne, dark circles, and pimples.

What is the best season that benefits from drinking mint water?

Summers are the best season as mint water helps you cool down and relaxes you from the hotness of this season.

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