Is PCOD and PCOS Same: Symptoms, Cures, and Factors

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Have you been wondering if pcod and pcos are the same? Then you are at the right place. Pcod which is popularly known as polycystic ovarian disease and pcos which is popularly known as polycystic ovarian syndrome have been mistaken to be the same. There has been a misconception going on that both pcod and pcos are the same.This article is centred regarding all the information of pcod vs pcos, also the information regarding what they are, are covered here in detail. 

What is pcod and pcos ?

Here in detail both the conditions polycystic ovarian disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome are covered.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Pcod which stands for polycystic ovarian disease is caused usually by a combination of imbalance in hormones and genetic tendencies. In a normal menstruation cycle the ovaries release maturely but women suffering from pcod will release immature or partially mature eggs which  develop into cysts( little sac filled with liquid ). This creates several health problems that are difficult to face like swelling in the ovaries and heavy weight gain, diabetes irregular periods and in some cases infertility.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Pcos stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome, it produces metabolic syndrome. In this condition the ovaries produce more of male hormones in higher quantities. pcos leads to heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. Endometrial cancer is also produced from pcos because no ovulation takes place and it causes building of the uterine line every month.

Difference between PCOS and PCOD

Pcos and pcod have some noticeable differences. Points mentioned below will give you detailed information about PCOD vs PCOS.

  • Pcod is a very common disease as 10% of the women suffer from pcod whereas pcos is a rare and less frequent as it occurs to 5% of the women.
  • Most people do not consider pcod as a disease as it can be cured with bringing some lifestyle changes, on the other hand pcos is a serious problem that needs to be cured before its occurrence.
  • Pcod can be resolved with the help of medication but pcos cannot be resolved.
  • Pcod and pcos both create problems in pregnancy but in pcod medication can be helpful but in pcos it becomes a serious problem.

Healthy Diet For Pcod And Pcos 

A poor and an unhealthy balanced diet increases the chances of pcod and pcos. There should be some proper diet chart that patients suffering from pcod vs pcos should follow.

Diet like veggies with a full glass of orange juice fruits with high nutritional power, brown rice, beetroot, curd, sprouts etc food that has all the nutritional elements. Also, exercise and yoga asanas can also be performed by the patients of pcod and pcos. Exercises like mind body training, cardiovascular exercises, strength training etc can also prevent pcod and pcos. Consumption of food that does not affect your hormones should be taken instead. 

Is PCOD and PCOS Same

What Are The Causes of Pcod and Pcos ?

There can be many causes that  lead to pcod and pcos. The most common cause can be genetic factors that affect both pcod and pcos. Factors such as pollution, living an inactive life, consuming food that is rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol, taking high amounts of caffeine and consuming alcohol on a daily basis may lead to pcos and pcod. Also certain heavy medications can also cause hormonal imbalance leading to pcod and pcos conditions. These are the major causes that lead to conditions like pcod and pcos.

Signs and symptoms of pcod and pcos 

There are common signs and symptoms of pcos and pcod like –

  1. Heavy weight loss or problem of obesity
  2. Enlargement of uterine lining
  3. Serious heart problems
  4. Disturbed menstrual cycle
  5. Male pattern baldness

Food That Should Be Ignored

Pcod or pcos which is more dangerous or is pcod and pcos same ? After discussing pcod vs pcos we came to know that pcos is more dangerous but there are some foods to avoid while having any of the above disorders. Food containing large amounts of starch should be avoided like sweet potatoes, peas and corn, these food items generate large amounts of carbohydrates which then lead to increase in the sugar level and imbalance in hormones.  Vegetable oil should be ignored because it also leads to obesity, instead of this one should go for ghee, avocado or olive oil. Sweets should be avoided strictly as they are rich in calories which causes an increase in the level of sugar. Fried foods should not be consumed as they increase the level of fat. Caffeine and alcohol can be problematic for women suffering from pcod and pcos. What is pcod and pcos can be an important topic to discuss following with symptoms and remedies.   


So after a very deep discussion about pcod vs pcos we came to know the difference between pcos and pcod. Both disorders are not good for health and they might lead you to some serious problems. One should follow a proper diet plan and avoid all the food that disturbs the hormones in the body. Pcod can be treated easily as compared to pcos but none of them can be taken lightly. So it is important to take proper care of our health so that no one could suffer from such disorders in their life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we find a proper cure of pcod and pcos ?

No, there is no proven cure yet .

Pcod or pcos, which is less dangerous ?

Pcod is less dangerous comparatively to pcos .

What affects the most in pcod and pcos ?

Hormone dysfunction affects pcod and pcos both .

Can natural cure bring good results ?

Yes, natural results can bring good changes . 

Pcod and pcos target what age of girls ?

Pcod and pcos can happen to any age group irrespective of their age . 

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