Lemongrass Tea Benefits: Sip Your Way To Health

Benefits of lemongrass tea
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A drink that can give you excellent benefits in just one sip and is good in providing isoorientin, chlorogenic acid, inflammation-fighting compounds, swertiajaponin, and many more is lemongrass tea. Yes, you heard it right. There are a number of Lemongrass tea benefits and you must include it in your diet in order to feel rejuvenation and freshness in you. It is also known as citronella, a main ingredient of Thai cuisine, and is used by people in aromatherapy and for stomach, scalp, neurological, and hair issues and also good in relieving pain. There are a lot of benefits that have been mentioned below that you should look for.

Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Tea

1. Reduces Cholesterol

According to a study by the Journal of advanced pharmaceutical technology and Research the oil extracts can help in reducing cholesterol which plays a major role in cousin heart attacks and strokes. The level of reducing risks depends on the intake of the dose. 

2. Relives PMS

Lemongrass tea benefits contains stomach soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and works as a natural remedy for reducing hot flashes, menstrual cramps, bloating, and many more. It also makes the body cool and relaxed. 

3. A Painkiller

Lemon tea works as a painkiller and gives instant relief from body pain. It can cure sensing pain very effectively. 

Skin Benefits Of Lemon Grass

4. Relieves Anxiety

If you constantly suffer from anxiety and are looking for some good options then try one sip of lemongrass tea and you will notice a feeling of relaxation. If you smell lemongrass and inhale lemongrass essential oil then it helps in curing anxiety and stress respectively. 

5. Prevents Infection 

Lemongrass contains capabilities for preventing infection. It can also prevent thrush, a fungal infection that targets people who have weak immune systems ( people suffering from HIV ) 

6. Increase Red Blood Cells

According to a study in 2015 If you consume lemongrass tea consistently for 30 days then it can help you in increasing cell volume, hemoglobin, and red blood cells in your bloods.

Skin Benefits Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass tea benefits plays a major role in providing health benefits but also works well in enhancing beauty standards. Its lemony smell uplifts the mood and the oil can improve your skin texture, and fight against acne, oily skin, and many more. To know in depth about the skin benefits of lemon grass look at the elaborated points mentioned below.

1. Prevents Acne 

Lemon grass contains antibacterial properties that can heal wounds and can prevent acne and pimple-causing bacteria. It can also be used as a natural remedy to cure infections and there are no side effects of lemongrass and very useful for every skin texture as It contains citral (monoterpene) that makes lemongrass antibacterial.

2. Skin Purifier 

The oil of lemongrass can be used for purifying skin so you can choose it without any second thought. It can make your skin clean and pure by detoxifying impurities and dirt. 

Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Tea

3. Skin Protector

Lemongrass tea benefits contains some kinds of vitamins and minerals and produces collagen too which maintains good skin elasticity, increases the level of the epidermis of your skin, and protects you from environmental hazards. With the help of regeneration and vessel therapy, it protects you from damage created by sunlight.

4. Improves Scalp 

If you are suffering from loss of hair then you should try lemongrass as it is rich in hair and can promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation to your scalp and washing hair with lemongrass can improve the signs of anemia. 

How To Make Lemongrass Tea

As we have understood in depth the benefits of lemongrass tea benefits of how bringing it into our daily life routine can provide amazing health benefits, so now let’s discuss how to make lemongrass tea and what should be the proportion of each ingredient so that it can add an extra benefit to our health. Here are some steps mentioned below that you can follow to make an amazing tea for yourself. 

  • First take some water in the bowl and boil it on a low flame 
  • Now put some lemongrass into the water and boil it for a few minutes.
  • Now strain the lemon grass from it and again boil it by adding sugar. 
  • Now stir the tea in the cup and you can also add any extra flavor to your tea such as mint, ginger, etc. 

Lemongrass And Ginger Tea Benefits 

Lemongrass and ginger tea are one of the best drinks that not only fulfill the craving for drinking tea but their amazing benefits can make you amaze. Its benefits make it different from other teas and its color and taste are highly appreciated and adopted by lots of people. So let’s see in-depth the benefits of lemon grass and ginger tea.

1. Improves Digestion 

If you constantly suffer from digestion issues then you must drink the tea in the morning. The presence of ginger in the tea promotes relief from nausea and improves food absorption.

2. Lack Of Caffeine  

Some drinks taste good but you carry regret after having them such as the consumption of caffeine and all which is not good for your health but the lemongrass and ginger tea will not keep you in regret if you consume it as it is caffeine free and rich in health benefits.

3. Uplifts Mood And Freshens Breath

If you consume tea then its smell will work first by uplifting your mood and the enzyme that is produced by drinking it will break down the chemicals that cause bad breath in your mouth and also promote good taste. So drinking lemongrass and ginger tea will work both on your taste buds and mood. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is lemongrass tea?

Lemongrass tea is a very effective drink and it is very helpful in improving digestion, blood circulation, anxiety, etc.

What are the benefits of lemongrass to human health?

lemongrass is very rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants and prevents infections and restrains cancer cell growth.

What is the best time to drink lemongrass tea?

The best time to drink tea is morning.

Does lemongrass have caffeine?

No, lemongrass tea does not contain any kind of caffeine.

Does lemongrass tea balance hormones?

Yes, lemongrass tea is very beneficial in balancing hormones as it promotes the growth of red blood cells and also helps during menstrual cramps.


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