The Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds For Health

benefits of jackfruit seeds
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Are you a health junkie? Is eating right and healthy your primary concern? Are you wondering about the health-related benefits of jackfruit seed? and has that led you towards this article? Then you are at the right place. Jackfruit seeds are the bean-shaped, edible brown part of Jackfruit. The essential proteins and micronutrients present in the seeds can help to protect against skin diseases, and the iron in the seeds can even treat anemia. The seeds also maintain your eye health and increase your energy. This article focuses on the amazing benefits of jackfruit seeds once added to your diet and how and when you can consume them.

What is the right way to eat JackFruit Seeds?

It is always essential to know how and in what amount you can eat something before wondering about its health benefits. Hence it is essential to utilize the benefits of eating jackfruit seeds by knowing the right way to consume them. The antinutrient content present in raw JackFruit seed makes it harmful if eaten raw. Two known recommended ways suggested to eat jackFruit seeds are:


To enjoy the benefits of boiled jackfruit seeds you boil them first by boiling Jackfruit seeds in a container for 20 to 30 minutes, once done let them cool and dry them before consuming them.


By roasting on the pan as well as by preheating the oven to 400°F (205°C) and laying them flat on a pan and then baking the seeds for 20 minutes, or until they are brown and toasted.

Once done you can use these seeds like any other seed and Top salads with them, make homemade jackfruit-seed hummus, grind them into flour for use in baking or cooking, add them into smoothies, make homemade jackfruit-seed butter, eat them alone as a snack and do much more.

health benefits of jackfruit seeds

Nutrition Value In JackFruit Seeds

Jackfruit seeds contain high concentrations of two B vitamins such as thiamine and riboflavin that provide the body with energy and help in performing other functions. Additionally, They also have fiber and resistant starch which pass through your body undigested and act as food for your beneficial gut bacteria and are linked to many powerful health benefits, including hunger control, reduced blood sugar levels, and improved digestion and insulin sensitivity.

Jackfruit seed nutrition is shown in the table listed below in 28 gm approx 1 ounce of serving of Jackfruit seed.

Nutrition PresentQuantity Present
Carbs11 grams
Protein2 grams
Fat0 grams
Fiber0.5 grams
Riboflavin8% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
Thiamine7% of RDI
Magnesium5% of RDI
Phosphorus4% of RDI

Are there any skin benefits of eating Jackfruit Seeds?

It is good news for health enthusiasts as Jackfruit seeds are not limited to just providing health benefits but also skin benefits. They serve a purpose in maintaining richness in your skin as well as your body. Below listed are the skin benefits of eating jackfruit seeds:

  • Flawless Skin: Use dried seeds of jackfruit to get flawless skin. Then, simply apply it to your skin to get youthful skin. It will help in slowing the aging process and in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.
  • Skin glowing: Great nutrients present in the seeds keep the skin glowing and regenerate the skin cells faster. You a paste to hydrate and soothe the skin. Also, as jackfruit seeds act as detoxifiers, they remove toxins and translate into a glowing complexion.
  • Prevents Wrinkles: Another skin benefit is to prevent wrinkles. You can grind the seeds of jackfruit and mix them with berries and milk and apply them on your face. It will help you to reduce the risks of getting wrinkles. For better results, you can apply the paste regularly.
  • Hair Growth: Jackfruit seeds promote blood circulation hence it promotes good hair growth.

Consuming Jackfruit seeds during pregnancy

Is it safe to eat jackfruit seeds during pregnancy? What are the benefits of jackfruit seeds during pregnancy? If you have these questions in mind then this article will put them to rest. It is totally safe to consume jackfruit seeds during pregnancy as long as it is in moderate amounts and with the nutrients present it helps in the development of the fetus and protect your health. Below listed are the benefits you get by eating jackfruit seeds while pregnant :

  1. Relief From Stomach Problems: It can help alleviate various stomach problems, such as stomach ulcers present on the stomach lining during pregnancy.
  2. Growth and Development of the Baby: Jackfruit seeds provide you with minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, beta-carotene, etc. that help in the growth of the baby. It is also a rich source of various vitamins like Vitamin A and C, and folate, iron that help in the formation of necessary organs of the baby.
  3. Regulate Blood Pressure Levels: An increase in the blood pressure levels of a pregnant woman can be detrimental to the fetus and can result in various complications. However, by consuming jackfruit seeds it can help keep blood pressure levels in check and ensure that both the mother and the baby are healthy.
  4. Helps Fight Fatigue: It gets exhausting and tiring when you are carrying a child, you might feel lazy or fatigued all the time so it becomes essential to have energy through diet by eating healthy stuff, and jackfruit seeds can provide you with energy and prevent fatigue.
  5. Stimulates Digestion: Constipation and digestion-related issues are common during pregnancy. It has fibrous fruits and veggies. And the fiber content in jackfruit can meet nearly 10 percent of the daily fiber intake. This helps streamline your bowel movements, relieve constipation, and optimize your digestive process.
  6. Helps Lower Stress: The nine months of pregnancy can easily get stressful so consuming Jackfruit seeds can help as they contain protein and various other micronutrients, which help manage mental stress.
  7. Strengthens Immunity: Vitamin C is necessary to strengthen the immune system while pregnant, you can consume jackfruit seeds, which are rich in vitamins to boost your immunity.
  8. Satiate Sugar Cravings: Jackfruit has natural sugars that boost energy and might help satiate pregnancy cravings.
  9. Fight Anaemia: Jackfruit Seeds are a good source of iron which is essential for the production of Red Blood Cells. It is essential for the development of the baby.

Is Jackfruit good for diabetes?

Everything is best in moderation and that seems to be the motto while consuming JackFruit seeds. As a diabetic consuming JackFruit seeds in moderation controls blood sugar, improves skin quality, provides the body with nutrients, and builds immunity. These seeds have natural sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers in equally large numbers. These proteins and fibers help control blood sugar levels. Also, Jackfruit seeds contain vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, manganese, etc that helps help in building body immunity against several diseases. Additionally, the fruit, stem, leaves, and seeds of the jackfruit tree are all beneficial for people with diabetes.

benefits of eating jackfruit seeds

Other known benefits of JackFruit seeds

Jackfruit seed benefits are not just limited to the ones mentioned above but there are more. They are listed below such as:

Increase sperm count

Regular consumption of ripe jackfruit seeds can help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and boost your libido. It also improves the quality of semen and increases the sperm count.

Bone Health

JackFruit seeds have a high amount of calcium which increases bone density and less prone to bone fractures. It Is also abundant in potassium which minimizes the loss of calcium through the kidney. With potassium and calcium hand in hand, it helps in preventing rickets, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases.

Prevents Colon Cancer

It contains two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. The insoluble fiber goes through your gastrointestinal tract and adds bulk to your stools so you can easily excrete stool also reduces the time waste spends in contact with the colon walls, reducing the likelihood of cells experiencing untoward changes or adverse effects.


This article sums up your questions regarding jackfruit seed benefits such as the benefits of jackfruit seeds during pregnancy, the benefits of jackfruit seeds for skin, the benefits of eating jackfruit seeds, and jackfruit seed nutrition, is jackfruit good for diabetes? Benefits of jackfruit seeds for weight loss, health benefits of jackfruit seeds. To answer most of these the answer is in Jackfruit seed’s nutrient components and to remember to have it in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jackfruit good for diabetes?

Yes, Jackfruit helps to lower blood glucose levels, hence is used to treat diabetes.

Do jackfruit seeds cause gas?

Yes, Excess intake of jackfruit seeds can cause gas.

Are Jackfruit seeds poisonous if consumed raw?

Due to the antinutrient content present in raw seeds, it is not recommended to consume it as it might cause complications while you are on other medications.

Is it safe to consume jackfruit seeds during pregnancy?

Yes, as long as taken in moderate amounts jackfruit seeds are safe to consume during pregnancy.

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