Combined Benefits of Black Tea with Lemon 

Benefits of Black Tea with Lemon Demystified
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Good health is the product of a regular exercise schedule and a balanced diet pattern that are followed enthusiastically. Changing the way you eat or drink does wonders to your lifestyle. That’s where the health benefits of black tea with lemon come into the picture. 

Modern lifestyle has no doubt made you smarter than ever, but it is also coupled with certain health risks. With everything available on fingertips through online means and accessible in a jiffy, you often tend to ignore the importance of maintaining good health through physical movements or exercises. Such a scenario even calls for a dire need to start bringing a variation to your already existing dietary pattern. 

For example, drinking black tea with lemon instead of the regular tea or coffee in morning could give a nudge to your health goals. 

So, how about considering this suitable alternative and bidding goodbye to your morning tea or coffee cravings? 

Explore Benefits of Black Tea with Lemon 

Let’s discover the amazing benefits of black tea with lemon. This wonderful combo not only tastes good and makes you feel refreshed, but it also offers humongous health benefits that are a must for an active lifestyle. 

Boosts Immunity

Being a good source of antioxidants, black tea helps strengthen the immunity of your body. These antioxidants mitigate the effect of harmful radicals, thereby curbing the chances of chronic diseases. At the same time, lemon, being a powerhouse of vitamin C, also enhances your immune system. It also keeps you protected from ailments such as common cold and flu.

Improves Digestion

Black tea with lemon works wonders for an upset stomach. Compounds present in black tea lead to the production of digestive enzymes which help strengthen the digestion capability of your body. Therefore, you can certainly get relief from all such commonly faced digestive problems like bloating, acidity, constipation etc. Also, lemon being a natural acidity killer helps maintain the pH levels in your stomach and improves the breakdown process of food. This is ultimately a signal towards a good digestive system. So, you can take black tea with lemon for acidity control. 

Regulates Heart Health

This is one of the major benefits of drinking black tea with lemon, as you can stay assured with your heart functioning well. Black tea contains polyphenols that help reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Not only this, polyphenols also work towards controlling your blood pressure and regulating the function of blood vessels. On the other hand, lemon is also beneficial for the balanced level of blood pressure and helps control the chances of heart problems, as it is rich in potassium.

Helps in Weight Loss

Most people remain concerned about the benefits of black tea with lemon for weight loss.

Black tea with lemon is icing on cake for all those planning to lose extra kilos. Polyphenols found in black tea not only help reduce the body’s fat, but they also enhance your metabolism and help burn calories easily. So, it is clear that black tea is useful as it cuts down on fat absorption in your body.

And, as you may already know, lemon works as a great detoxifying agent. Thus, it  helps flush toxins out of the body and boost digestion which in turn automatically support the body’s weight loss journey.

Promotes Quality of Skin

Are you also worried about ageing and losing the quality of your skin? Antioxidants present  in black tea help fight free radicals in the body that ultimately reduces signs of ageing. Hence, you are able to maintain your skin health and a youthful complexion. As far as it is about the skin-related benefits offered by lemon, its Vitamin C content helps in production of collagen which is known to be a major component supporting skin health. Well, if you are also facing acne issues, lemon’s antibacterial properties will prove to be effective in combating bacteria that causes acne. 

Is it Fine to Have Black Tea with Lemon for Loose Motion?

Apart from following medical prescription, home remedies such as black tea with lemon can also help get relief from loose motion or diarrhea. 

You can add lemon juice and nutmeg or grounded cardamom to black tea. Consuming this drink in loose motion is effective. In fact, it keeps restoring your energy and body’s immunity. Hence, this is also one of the major uses of black tea with lemon. 

Is Black Tea with Lemon Good for Gastritis?

Isn’t Gastritis a common issue among people nowadays? Especially those leading a sedentary lifestyle due to desk jobs and negligible physical activities in daily routine tend to fall prey to this problem. According to medical experts, this ailment is the root cause of all other problems in the human body. Hence, you must look for its cure.

Gastritis is a condition in which inflammation occurs in your stomach lining. Although people suffering from gastritis are advised to abstain from specific foods and beverages, black tea with lemon is usually considered safe and can help with effective digestion.

Tannins found in black tea help control inflammation in the stomach lining, thereby bringing relief from gastritis. Lemon also balances the pH levels in your stomach, which can potentially reduce the level of uneasiness or discomfort that you might be suffering due to  gastritis.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to contact your doctor or a medical expert to seek consultation on consuming black tea with lemon if you have gastritis. This is because lemon could worsen the situation in some cases as per individual body types. Specifically, if you have been suffering from gastritis for long or even if you have stomach ulcers, it’s recommended to seek medical guidance on including black tea with lemon into your diet. Doing so could potentially help you with even recommendations on food items or beverages that are absolutely suitable for your body type.

Is Black Tea with Lemon Safe in Pregnancy?

Pregnant or expecting females must take black tea with lemon as per the recommendation of a medical professional or their doctor. Although moderate consumption is considered safe, it depends on their body type whether it supports the same or not. This is because of  caffeine which makes black tea a bit unsuitable during pregnancy. Hence, expert advice is mandatory. 

How to Make Black Tea with Lemon?

Making black tea with lemon is extremely simple. Especially, if you enjoy experimenting with recipes, this one is not tough for you. Here’s how you can make this refreshing beverage in no time.

Boil water

Start by boiling a cup of water in a tea pan or a saucepan.

Add black tea leaves

When the water comes to a boil, you need to turn off the flame. Then add 1-2 teaspoons of black tea leaves to the water. Leave it for 5 minutes so that the flavour of tea leaves gets absorbed properly. You may leave it for a few more minutes for a strong flavor if you prefer. 

Add lemon juice

Now squeeze half a lemon and keep its juice in a separate cup or mug. Amount of lemon juice may vary as per your taste and preference. 

Strain the tea

Now it’s time to strain the tea into the cup or mug containing the lemon juice. Your black tea with lemon is almost ready. 

Add sweetener

You can add a natural sweetener such as honey, jaggery, stevia, or a dash of cinnamon in a moderate amount to enhance the taste. Then mix it well.  

Relish hot or cold

You are all set to relish a delightful beverage. You can drink it hot or let it cool down and keep it in the fridge, if you wish to enjoy it as a refreshing iced tea.

Isn’t it so quick and easy to make? Certainly it is! Well, you can experiment with adding other spices or herbs such as mint leaves, ginger, cloves, fennel seeds, or more, so as to enjoy this appetizing beverage to the best.

Tips for Incorporating Black Tea with Lemon into Your Daily Routine

With multiple health benefits, black tea with lemon is a must-have in your daily routine. Here are some tips to help you include this powerful drink in your diet:

Energize your morning 

Don’t pay attention to your tea or coffee cravings and start your day with a cup of black tea with lemon. Being the first thing in morning, this will provide a gentle boost to energy in your body.

Refrain from outside beverages 

It is highly recommended to replace sugary beverages like soda or fruit juices with black tea with lemon, as the former contain artificial sweeteners in great quantities. Black tea is a healthier and more hydrating option. It satisfies your thirst while supplementing your body with additional health benefits. Sometimes you can enjoy it as iced tea also during the evening or after a tiring day. 

Take between meals

Have a cup of black tea with lemon after meals to boost your digestion. The natural acidity of lemon and the digestion-boosting properties of black tea can help stay relieved from bloating and other such issues. 

Innovate your recipe

How about getting creative with your black tea while having some fun? You can experiment with different flavors by adding herbs like mint, fennel seeds etc., or spices like cinnamon, cloves etc., to enhance the taste of your beverage. And, then fondly enjoy your aromatic, revitalizing drink.

If you like cold beverages, especially after spending a long day at work, make your black tea with lemon, let it cool, and refrigerate it. Your iced tea is ready to please your taste buds. 

Well, this is how your little efforts can go a long way in redefining your health goals. But always make sure to listen to your body and consume black tea with lemon as per your suitability and specific health conditions. Do get in touch with your doctor or a medical expert for better advice.

Black Tea with Lemon Side Effects

Black tea with lemon is generally safe. However, you must be familiar with potential side effects associated with the same and take care of certain precautions:

Caffeine sensitivity

Black tea contains caffeine, which can cause jitters, increased heart rate, or sleep disturbances in individuals whose body types cannot tolerate intake of caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it’s best to consume black tea with lemon in moderation or opt for herbal teas that do not contain caffeine. 

Stomach sensitivity

You may experience uneasiness in stomach or acid reflux after consuming acidic food items such as lemon. If you have been facing issues like stomach ulcers, gastritis, etc., or you had these problems earlier, it’s better to seek consultation from your medical expert. This will help you know whether taking black tea with lemon is fine for you or not.


Acid reflux may not be the only issue. Some people may also be allergic to black tea or lemon. If you also experience any such allergies like itching, swelling etc., after having black tea with lemon, you must not continue consuming it and need to go for medical advice. 

In a nutshell, black tea with lemon is an effective combination that comes with various health benefits. From boosting your immunity to promoting weight loss and improving digestion, this refreshing beverage has a lot to offer. You must  include black tea with lemon in your dietary pattern and lead a healthy lifestyle. This delicious drink will satisfy your taste buds along with ensuring overall well-being. 

However, make sure to stay conversant with its side effects, as it may not be suitable for some individuals as per their body types. So, it’s advised to start taking black tea with lemon gradually and you must check how your body responds or reacts to it. For better guidance, you must seek advice from your doctor or a medical expert .


What are the benefits of black tea with lemon?

Consuming black tea with lemon helps boost immunity, improve digestion, support heart health, maintain skin health, lose weight, get relief from loose motion, and more.

Can I drink black tea with lemon on an empty stomach?

Why not? Drinking black tea with lemon on an empty stomach is generally recommended by medical experts or dieticians. It actually suits most people. However, if you are suffering from gastritis, acid reflux, or other such issues, it’s recommended to consume it only after seeking consultation from a doctor. You may be suggested to take it after having a meal so as to avoid any uneasiness or discomfort.

How many cups of black tea with lemon can I drink per day?

The recommended consumption of black tea depends as per your body type, your sensitivity to caffeine and overall health. It’s usually advised to take it in moderate amounts, which is 2 to 3 small cups a day, thereby avoiding more intake of caffeine. You may also contact your doctor for better advice.

Can I add sweeteners to my black tea with lemon?

There is generally no problem in adding sweeteners such as sugar to black tea. However, you must consider adding it in a limited amount so as to retain its health benefits. You may consider using natural sweeteners such as honey and stevia, but in moderate quantities.

Does black tea with lemon reduce weight?

Certainly! Polyphenols found in black tea help reduce your body’s fat and enhance your metabolism. So, there is not much fat absorption and you can even burn calories faster. Lemon being a detoxifying agent helps flushing out toxins and it boosts digestion.

Can I drink black tea with lemon before bedtime?

Since black tea contains caffeine, it’s best to avoid drinking it before bedtime, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. At that time, you may consider having herbal tea and enjoy sound sleep.

Does black tea help skin?

Yes, black tea helps brighten the skin and you can enjoy a youthful complexion. It supports the generation of collagen which is known for maintaining skin health. Also, caffeine in tea helps you get rid of dark circles and puffiness in under eyes. 

Can black tea and lemon help reduce cancer?

Yes, polyphenols found in black tea are instrumental in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. As per a study, it was found that regular intake of black tea reduces the risk of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. 

Can I use bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon for black tea with lemon?

Lemon juice is always preferred in its fresh form for pure taste and health benefits. However, you can use bottled lemon juice as an alternative if fresh lemons are not available. But you must be familiar with the fact that readymade lemon juice may contain preservatives or artificial substances.

Can I drink black tea with lemon when I have a cold or sore throat?

Black tea provides natural warmth and lemon also has soothing properties. This combination helps you get relief from a sore throat. This is even beneficial in curing cough congestion and boosting the body’s immunity.

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