Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice on a Hot Summer Day

Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice (2)
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If You are walking through any street in the Indian subcontinent, you are bound to cross paths with vendors selling sugarcane juice. In the scorching summer, a glass of sugarcane juice cools the body and provides an instant refreshing feel. The key ingredients of the juice are lemon and ginger which gives it antibiotic properties. It is served as a cooling agent and is sweet in taste.

The naturally occuring green coloured cane juice is organic and a perfect alternative to carbonated drinks, all thanks to its natural vital nutrients, necessary for the human body. It is nature’s freshest elixir for life which is completely natural only if not consumed in pre packed bottles.

10  Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice Daily 

Compared to refined sugars, raw sugarcane extract is significantly more healthful and useful. In addition to the juice’s freshness and energising qualities, ganne ka ras, as it is known in India, has a number of hidden advantages.

1. Works as an Energy Booster 

Sugarcane is the source of glucose and sucrose which are the powerhouse of energy. It instantly fuels the lost sugar level which provides the body the power to start working enthusiastically. The carbohydrates consumed are readily absorbed and replenishes the energy. It normalises the glucose level in the body and helps in regaining lost sugar levels. 

2. Prevents Acne and Exfoliate the Skin

One of the benefits of drinking sugarcane juice daily is that it helps in curing acne. Surprisingly it clears skin and reduces blemishes. There is hardly any need to buy expensive market products to exfoliate skin. The alpha hydroxy acids present in sugarcane naturally improves skin cell turnover, reducing acne breakouts. To keep your skin happy and healthy for longer, intake of sugarcane juice on a moderate basis can turn out to be beneficial for your skin.

3. Stop the Visible Signs of Ageing

Drinking one glass of sugarcane juice on a daily basis helps maintain the radiance of skin, preventing the fine lines, wrinkles, and the other visible signs of ageing as it consists of properties such as phenolic and flavonoids. If you cannot drink sugarcane juice daily because you don’t like the taste of it, don’t fret! Because you can also apply the juice directly on your skin, its antioxidant richness will work better this way, leaving you with flawless and forever young skin. 

4. Keeps your Bones and Teeth Stronger 

Tooth decay and bad breath are two of the many nightmares one can ever have. Being said, it’s crucial to take care of both our bones and teeth. So, how can you do it without buying the expensive routines offered in the market? Well-well, sugarcane juice can be one of the solutions. Sugarcane juice is enriched with minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, all of which help in preventing such issues, keeping you far away from embarrassment.

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5. Hydrates and Improves Digestion

The benefits of drinking sugarcane juice in summer is that it not only quenches your thirst but also helps in fighting heat. It hydrates the body for a longer duration.The presence of potassium in the juice maintains a good digestive system and deals with the problem of constipation. Since it is extremely nourishing it maintains the water level of the body and balances the PH level of the stomach.

6. Maintains Kidney Health

Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice daily articulates a good amount of protein level in the body. People with high cholesterol and fat levels can consume sugarcane juice in order to maintain good kidney health. In addition to that, consumption of sugarcane juice with dilution of lime aids breaking of kidney stones and makes the process less painful. Furthermore, if you look forward to cleanse your bladder, then also you can consume the juice on a routine basis. 

7. Works as a Cure for Treating Jaundice

One of the best benefits of drinking sugarcane juice is that it is a remedy to jaundice. According to Ayurveda it strengthens the liver. Jaundice is caused by a build up of a substance called bilirubin, The antioxidant property of sugarcane maintains its level and protects against liver infections. When mixed with lime juice, being high in glucose can hasten the recovery from jaundice.

8. Keeps Obesity at Bay

Jaggery is a by-product of sugarcane and is preferred as a substitute to sugar. It is a nutritious source of iron, purifies blood and improves metabolism. These rich natural products facilitate good body mass index.The juice doesn’t have calories thus it does not provide extra weight. Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice daily is that it helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

9. Keep the Health of Pregnant Women in Check 

Sugarcane is a herbal and natural juice. The amount of vitamins and minerals it offers is a perfect combination for pregnant ladies. Sugarcane moderates weight gain especially during pregnancy. There are several benefits of drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy until specifically  advised by a doctor to not drink. It is a useful addition to the diet of an expecting mother because it offers countless amounts of folic acid and vitamin B9 which protects the child from birth defects.

10. Provides Long and Lustrous Hair

Today’s generation is facing a huge problem of hair loss. There are abundance of external remedies to cure hair loss, but remember until and unless the diet is staple 

It cannot be rectified. Benefits of drinking sugarcane juice for hair is that it promotes hair growth because of rich vitamins. Besides promoting good hair growth, it maintains good texture as well.

Caution: Although there are numerous benefits of drinking sugarcane juice daily, It should be consumed by sugar patients in less quantity. The sugar content in sugarcane is natural, however, still, it should be consumed in moderation.


Sugarcane juice is as beneficial as sports drink, in fact BETTER! It is the cheapest energy drink available across India. So, pour some for yourself and enjoy the flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of drinking sugarcane juice daily in summer?

In scorching summer heat, a glass of sugarcane juice is a life saviour. It builds body fluid and helps to eradicate fatigue and low energy levels.

Is sugarcane juice good for hair?

Yes, there are several benefits of drinking sugarcane juice for hair, as its rich vitamins promote hair growth, hydrates the body internally, and moisturises the hair.

Why is lemon added to sugarcane juice?

Lemon contains citric acid and is rich in antioxidants, both of which helps in detoxifying the body and boosting metabolism. 

What is the best time to drink sugarcane juice?

The best time to consume sugarcane juice is right after your workout sessions. Additionally, you can consume it when you are out during the burning summer heat. 

Does sugarcane juice make you fat?

No, it is just a myth! In Fact it does quite the opposite. Sugarcane juice contains sucrose, which is very healthy and balances the body weight.

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