12 Miraculous Benefits of Drinking Milk in the Morning

Benefits of Drinking Milk in the Morning
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Remember childhood? When mum would ask you to gulp down that warm glass of milk while you threw your tantrums. Well, guess what? Milk is, indeed, the solution to most of your health problems. Did you know that drinking milk in the morning benefits children’s growth and development? Do not wonder much! We have listed some of the most notable benefits of drinking milk in the morning.  

Some people love milk, while others hate its taste and odour. It does not count because, no matter its taste, milk is an essential ingredient for a balanced diet. It is a magical calcium-filled drink for healthy bones and a strong body. Not to mention a key to getting casein-protected teeth. Drinking milk in the morning has countless benefits, and we have hardly scratched the surface. So, keep reading to learn more! 

Milk: Nutritious Facts

Before you check out the best time to drink milk, you should know its nutritional facts. So, first things first: You gain 42 calories of energy with 100 grams of milk. It is filled with saturated fat and is high in calories. However, the presence of calcium and protein makes it stand out in the race of many nutritious foods. 


12 Miraculous Benefits of Drinking Milk in the Morning

Milk is a compelling drink packed with calcium, protein, magnesium, and many other nutrients. As a part of a healthy, balanced diet, dairy milk provides all the necessary ingredients to maintain normal bodily functions. So, we have listed the benefits of drinking milk to help you understand its importance in daily life. 

1. Improves Bone Health

The best time to drink milk, morning or night, is easy to decide, considering it aids kids’ growth. Milk strengthens the bones and teeth of the growing children, preparing them for the day. So, drinking milk in the morning benefits their overall health and helps them engage in more physical activities. Besides, it is also suitable for adults to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is a condition in which the bones lose mineral density and mass decreases, making them prone to fractures. Thus, add milk to your meals right away. 

Improves Bone Health

2. Strengthens Teeth

Parents should take care of the children who are losing their first set of teeth, as the next set will be their permanent ones. Accordingly, allow them to grow strong white teeth with milk’s help. Did you know that bones and teeth store almost 99% of calcium in the body?

One of the many benefits of drinking milk daily is that it precludes the chances of teeth and bone degeneration in old age. If you do not wish to lose teeth in your old age, drink that glass of milk. 

3. Is an Immunity Booster

Milk contains a truckload of protein, one of the essential nutrients for regulating the immune system. It provides 6% of the protein DV, which is necessary for cellular repair, growth, and development of the human body. Drinking milk in the morning benefits each body cell and helps them perform better. Milk provides the body with Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Vitamin B12. Each nutrient has a purpose to fulfill inside the body and support the immune system. 

4. Regulates Digestive System

Vitamin B in milk helps the body absorb calcium and convert food into fuel. Milk also stabilizes metabolism in the body. You can add other ingredients to a glass of warm milk, such as turmeric. It enhances the taste and improves its ability to regulate the digestive system. The best time to drink milk for the gut is when the body rests at night. It even improves sleep quality if you drink a glass of milk two hours before bed. The presence of Tryptophan in the milk ensures a soothing sensation.

5. Takes Care of Hair and Skin

We are all aware of the uses of retinol for the skin. Don’t be surprised that milk contains vitamin A, i.e., retinol. It slows premature aging and thwarts pimples. Drinking milk in the morning benefits the skin by providing vital nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Calcium prevents hair fall and helps strengthen it from root to tip. Lipids and proteins in milk are also some of the numerous nutrients that make it a magical drink for hair and skin. 

6. It is a Great Protein Source

Only 100 grams of Milk contains 3.4 grams, 6% DV, of the building block of life, protein. Its purpose is to make and repair cells inside the human body. Every cell inside the body has this amino acid chain. Casein and Whey are high-quality proteins found in Milk. These work together to better a person’s overall health. They increase the physical and muscular systems of an older person. Drink milk daily to allow the body to work typically throughout the day. 

milk is a Great Protein Source

7. Provides Hydration

87% of milk is water. During summer, drinking milk in the morning benefits the body by hydrating it from the scorching heat. The presence of electrolytes like calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium makes it the best option for rehydrating when you lose water in sweat. Making smoothies and juices with milk and other hydrating agents can be beneficial in reviving all the lost fluids due to dehydration. Some researchers also claim that milk is better for hydration than water. 

8. Controls Weight Gain

Fats and protein in milk encourage the sensation of satiation in the body, promoting weight loss. Drinking low-fat milk can also aid your weight loss journey on a large scale. The satiating feeling prevents you from munching snacks and unhealthy food. Are you wondering “if the best time to drink milk is morning or night?” You may drink it before bed right after your dinner for weight loss. 

9. As a Post Workout Drink

As per research, milk is an excellent post-workout drink. Even sportspersons are encouraged to drink milk after a strenuous activity. It rehydrates the body and replenishes it after the exercise. Drinking milk in the morning benefits the body by rejuvenating the strained muscles. Flavored milk can help regain all the lost sugars in chronic exercising. Chocolate milk is tasty and has protein, carbohydrates, and essential electrolytes, making it one of the best post-workout drinks.

10. Offers Omega-3 to the Heart

Milk has omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids, contributing to heart health. They control blood pressure and reduce the risk of acquiring diabetes and other common cardiovascular diseases. Drinking milk in the morning benefits the heart health because of its potassium content. However, researchers are still debating this matter because milk has high saturated fats, which are unsuitable for the heart. Therefore, consult a doctor if you are concerned about adding milk to your diet. 

11. Keeps Mental Health in Check

Drinking milk in the morning benefits mental health by enhancing the production of serotonin, a natural mood-boosting enzyme. Milk reduces the cortisol levels in the blood to minimize stress. Cortisol is a hormone that induces stress, and milk has lactium, which controls the prior production. Milk has tryptophan, a protein that helps soothe the mind and relaxes nerves.  So, if you feel anxious or are dealing with stress, drink a glass of chilled milk and calm the nerves. 

12. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

According to studies, drinking high-quality milk in the morning can help maintain blood sugar to noticeable levels. To attain the benefits of milk for your diabetic lifestyle, add low-fat milk to your meals. However, you must avoid drinking too much milk at night as it can spike up the glucose level in the body. If you already have diabetes, talk to your dietician before adding milk to your diet. They will recommend the type and quantity of milk that suits your condition. 

When is the Best Time to Drink Milk?

To decide the best time to drink milk, we should consider the purpose of drinking milk. If you are in middle age and looking to avoid osteoporosis and other bone-weakening conditions, drink milk before bed. Once you finish dinner, drink a glass of milk two to three hours before bed. It helps the digestive system to work more efficiently while you’re resting. 

Best Time to Drink Milk

Females should include milk in their daily regime. During menopause, women suffer from weak bone density; milk can help them recover their bone strength. 

Another common question for kids is, “When is the best time to drink milk for them?” Well, children should drink milk right in the morning. It prepares them for a long, active day. At the end of the day, when you know whether the best time to drink milk is morning or night, understand that the quantity should be specific. Two to three cups per day is enough if you keep consistent. 

When to Avoid Milk?

Some people lack lactase enzyme, making it difficult to digest milk. Therefore, lactose-intolerant people should avoid drinking milk. You might experience nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and even cramps if you drink milk, being lactose intolerant. 

Also, take extreme precautions while drinking milk as it is not suitable when combined with some other food items. 

  1. Do not drink milk with melons, bananas, fish, radishes, or other sour food.
  2. Even if you have diabetes, you should be cautious with the quantity of milk you intake. 
  3. Milk irritates the throat during winter due to phlegm, a mucus inside the lungs and throat.

Side-Effects of Milk

Countless reasons prove that drinking milk in the morning benefits your body and mental health. However, an excess of everything, including milk, is dangerous. So, watch out how much milk you should drink in a day. There are a few adverse consequences of drinking milk that you must consider before pouring yourself a glass. 

Side effects of milk
  • Drinking too much milk can cause acne and pimple purging.
  • Milk might contribute to prostate cancer or breast cancer, as per some reports. 
  • Milk is difficult to digest, and you may experience bloating and gas issues after drinking milk.
  • The saturated fat in milk can cause diabetes and other heart-related issues. Therefore, choose milk with a low-fat content. 

Types of Milk 

These days, several types of milk are available in the market. It becomes challenging to find out which one suits our interests the best. Therefore, we have listed some of the most common types of milk for you to choose from. 

  • Whole, Raw, or Regular Milk

The type of milk you receive from a cow, buffalo, goat, or any other milk-producing animal is called whole milk. Nothing is added or removed from whole milk. It contains about 3.24% milk fat.

  • Skimmed Milk

The type of milk produced after removing all the fat is known as skimmed milk. It contains all the milk’s essential nutrients except fat and excess calories. It is thinner and more watery compared to the original milk. 

  • Toned Milk

Toned milk is extracted from buffalo or cow or a mix of both and standardized to a level that shows negative results on the phosphate test. Its milk-fat percentage is 1.5%.

  • Low-Fat Milk

It is a milk with a thin, opaque white texture with only 1% fat content. It is equivalent to 2% milk but has comparatively less fat than it. 

  • Lactose-Free Milk

It is the best alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. This milk contains the broken-down form of natural sugar found in milk, lactose. Besides, it carries all the goodness of regular milk.  

  • Full Cream Milk

It is one of the tastiest versions with the highest fat content and creamy texture. Whole cream milk is also pasteurized and shows a negative phosphate test.  


When is the best time to drink milk?

Early morning after or with breakfast is the best time for children to drink milk. Meanwhile, adults should drink it two to three hours before bed for better digestion.

How much milk should I drink in a day?

An adult should drink about 3 cups (710 ml) of milk daily.

How much calcium does milk have?

Milk provides 12% of the daily value of calcium, which is 100 grams of milk containing 120mg of calcium. 

Is menopause the best time to drink milk?

Yes. Females should drink milk during menopause to reduce the chances of weak bone density.

Can I drink milk as a post-workout drink?

Yes. As a post-workout drink, milk benefits the strained muscles by allowing them to regain lost energy, rehydrate, and refuel. It even helps in building and repairing muscles after chronic exercise.

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