Benefits of drinking Coconut Water: A Natural B12 Supplement

Benefits of drinking Coconut Water (2)
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Isn’t it amazing to detoxify your body not with the traditional not-so-tasty but just healthy drinks but with the drinks that are just as delicious as they are healthy. If yes, then you must leave some space in your fridge for power packed coconut water. It is seriously The Best! It’s like heaven in every sip. It is not just a drink, it is packed with electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. It is super hydrating and nutritious to your health and well-being. Coconut water has properties that are beneficial for your day to day life in multiple ways especially having it with an empty stomach is more impactful. This easy sounding drink is easily available and can be prepared in your homes. Below we have some major benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach. 

1. Acts as an Energy Amplifier

Coconut water is the perfect beverage during and after the workout. It is as energetic as it tastes. A sportsman easily refills his energy, power and recovers a little faster after consuming a full glass of coconut water. Well it’s not surprising if one believes that coconut water prevents you from fatigue and dehydration, because it really does. It contains more potassium and electrolytes, less sodium and carbohydrates than many other sports drinks, filled with nothing but added preservatives. Overall, coconut water is one of the most preferable drinks to stay energetic.

2. Perfect Substitute of Sugary Juices  

One of the many benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach is that it works as a perfect substitute for sugary juices, making it an all natural alternative. It tastes absolutely sweet and refreshing but the best part is, it is low in calories, carbs and sugar compared to other sugar added drinks available in the market. Diabetes patients are recommended to drink coconut water if they are looking to reduce the consumption of sugar. Many other sugar added juices lack potassium but when we talk about coconut water, it comparatively has more potassium than other juices. So, sticking to coconut water for more health benefits is a great option for any individual. 

3. Better Management of Diabetes

Researchers state that coconut water helps in managing the sugar level and reduces the chances of diabetes. It is a rich source of manganese which increases insulin sensitivity and reduces sugar levels. Also, coconut water has various amino acids and rich dietary fibers which are helpful in blood glucose control. One of the top tier benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach is its richness in fiber. Fibers are helpful to digest glucose in the body as humans require 25 grams of fiber on a daily basis. Thus, coconut water is suitable to manage the diabetic health.

Benefits of drinking Coconut Water

4. Maintains Weight 

Coconut water is a savior when it comes to having a drink, which is not just low in calories but also contains other fat reducing properties. So, if you look forward to fighting obesity in the easiest way possible, then you should definitely go for a glass of coconut water. One glass of coconut water contains 28 calories which is lower than other juices and sodas. It has high bioactive enzymes which not only help in improving the metabolic rate but also burn more calories. As Weight loss is one of the most impactful benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach, replacing other sugary drinks with it can turn out to be an excellent step to keep yourself healthy and active.

5. Improves Heart Health

One of the major reasons for having bad heart health or several other heart diseases is increased blood pressure, which is why it becomes significant for every individual to maintain balanced blood pressure levels. As coconut water is rich in potassium, it helps maintain not only the blood pressure but also the cholesterol levels in one’s body. Persons who are continuously facing challenges, imbalance, and disturbance in their heart health can consume coconut water. The low amount of fat, cholesterol and calories present in coconut water lowers the risks of many heart diseases and makes it a perfect drink for heart patients.

6. Helps During Pregnancy

Coconut is enriched with oxidants like potassium, calcium and manganese at its fullest. So, pregnant women can easily take these nutrients at once by drinking coconut water. In addition, in pregnancy, this water is useful in removing morning sickness, fatigue, joint pain, and infection. For pregnant ladies, there are several benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy because It improves digestive health and keeps your body hydrated.

7. Trusted Skincare

Men and women face severe skin issues like breakouts, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and whatnot! And sometimes, one gets agitated to intake tons of medicines and put on multiple creams for dealing with the issue and getting a crystal clear skin. If you are one of those people, then coconut water is your one step solution. There are several benefits of drinking coconut water for skin , moisture and hydration are two of them. You might be wondering how coconut water is giving such results to the skin? It is because it contains lauric acid and cytokinins and other antibacterial properties that give positive results to the skin. 

8. Prevents Kidney Stone

Calcium, oxalate and other compounds combine together to form crystals in the urine which further causes kidney stones. Fighting kidney stones is one of the benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach as it is believed to prevent the crystals from sticking to the kidney and other parts in our system. Coconut water dilutes urine and dissolves kidney stones. It increases the urination of potassium, chloride and citrate individually without causing kidney stones. So, it means coconut water flushes out the stuck stone and prevents kidney stone. 

9. Detoxifies Your Body

This versatile drink has several properties that are incredibly good for our health. The presence of minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants helps to keep your body detoxified by providing hydration and antioxidants. Among other benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach, one is that it naturally stimulates collagen synthesis. One must drink coconut water regularly in order to have the best of benefits that it has to offer. If you want to add other ingredients to make coconut water taste better and provide additional advantages, then you can consider adding ginger or cucumber as it is also helpful in detoxification.

Effortless Recipe Of Coconut Water

Are you thirsty and want to drink something tasty and refreshing? Don’t wait, go and prepare coconut water in 10 minutes. Here is a quick and easy recipe for you if you want to experience the benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach 

  • Take one coconut, crack it open. Use a knife to peel off the outer cover of the coconut.
  • After peeling, cut the coconut into two pieces and measure it according to your need. 
  • Place the pieces in the blender and mix it with cold water and blend it for 5-6 minutes.
  • Serve it in a glass. Yay! You are ready with your naturally made coconut water.

Stay Informed: Risk Factors of Coconut Water

It’s clearly visible that there are numerous benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach. However, this does not mean that it cannot harm your health. Some people might face side effects from overconsumption of coconut water, it’s rare, but it is possible. So, what are those rare but possible side effects, which you should consider:

  • Some people are allergic to tree nuts and coconut itself is a tree nut. So, there are chances of getting allergic reactions from coconut water. 
  • Overconsumption of coconut water can cause frequent urination, as it has diuretic properties. 
  • Due to its laxative properties, coconut water may upset the stomach and sometimes lead to diarrhea. 
  • People living in humid climates should not drink it frequently as it creates the problem of hyperkalemia.


We have discussed various benefits of drinking coconut water empty stomach and the properties it serves us. It is a drink which not just freshens you up but makes you healthy. Coconut is packed and wrapped with so many nutrients that makes it a perfect enjoyable drink of the morning. It happens to be a true statement that the benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy includes prevention from urinary tract infections and supports healthy fetal development. But keep in mind, excessive drinking will take you nowhere near good health. Drink it under control as there is no harm if you drink it in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of drinking coconut water for skin?

Coconut water hydrates your skin and also makes it acne free, leading to an attractive skin. 

What are the side effects of drinking coconut water?

Overconsumption of coconut water may create health issues such as allergies and diarrhea.

Is coconut water helpful for weight loss?

Yes absolutely, as coconuts are low in calories it fights obesity and promotes weight loss.

What is the best time to drink coconut water?

Researchers say that coconut water benefits best when consumed early in the morning with an empty stomach.

Can athletes drink coconut water?

Yes, coconut water can be a good sports drink as it contains less sugar and calories compared to other juices and drinks.

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