Is Drinking ORS Daily Good for Health? Benefits & Side Effects

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Oral Rehydration Solutions is one of the many prescribed medications for dealing with fluid loss in the human body. Doctors always prescribe it with other medications whenever a person is dealing with issues such as diarrhea. Whilst ORS may not cure diarrhea entirely, it is still beneficial to regain the fluid loss caused by it. 

There are numerous benefits of drinking ORS, as it contains some advantageous properties like electrolytes and glucose, essential for reviving energy after a tiresome disease. These electrolytes balance the fluid inside the body, provide energy, and promote physical well-being. Check out how is ORS good for health in the upcoming section of this blog. 

Ingredients of ORS

The Oral Rehydration Solutions that are prescribed by doctors, for the proper functioning of a body, must have the vital ingredients to restore the loss of elements. While buying a pack of ORS, one must take a look at the minerals and compounds in it. One can only attain the benefits of drinking ORS if the product meets the criteria required for the body. The following table describes the product and the quantity of ORS, as the World Health Organization recommended. 

Sodium Chloride3.5
Potassium Chloride1.5
Total Weight27.5
SolutionDissolved in 1L of water

9 Benefits of Drinking ORS 

Our body constantly needs vital minerals for daily functioning. However, sometimes due to illness and infections, we fall short of it. Loss of electrolytes and fluids for example, mainly occurs due to loose motion and acidity-related issues. The loss of essential minerals like Sodium, Potassium glucose, etc. leads to chronic diseases. Therefore, we must take care of the electrolytes in the body by drinking ORS during a time of need. Here we have mentioned the top 9 benefits of drinking ORS. 

1. Balances the Fluids in the Body

When the body loses more fluid than it contains, it results in dehydration. To recover from this loss, ORS prompts SGLT-1 or sodium-glucose co-transporters to absorb more fluid. SGLT-1 reabsorbs the filtered glucose from the kidney to the blood vessels. Glucose in it helps to activate the sodium in the small intestine through a cyclic process that is AMP-independent. 

2. Prepares for Physical Activities

Athletes and fitness freaks lose a lot of fluid and minerals doing their activities. This loss of energy and fluids can cause issues if not dealt with. ORS water benefits if taken before beginning the workout and after the sweaty act can be quite beneficial. Running or cycling in hot weather results in severe water loss, if your body is hydrated enough then you have nothing to worry about. 

benefits of drinking ORS

3. Rehydrates Quickly

ORS water benefits in rehydrating the body after an exhausting session of diarrhea and vomiting. Travelers often suffer from gas, acidity, and diarrhea issues because of the unhygienic environment. One of the many benefits of drinking ORS is that it saves the body from dehydration and fatigue.  

4. Provides Energy to Sick Kids

If you are wondering how is ORS good for health, then you must know that kids are more insensitive to diarrhea and its symptoms. Children dealing with frequent bathroom visits and watery stools lose a lot of fluids and minerals. This leaves their body weak and tired. Giving ORS at regular intervals helps them regain their strength to fight the disease. It also motivates them throughout their sickness. 

5. Deals with fluid loss in the Body

One must take ORS as soon as the trouble starts, and must not wait for the body to drain out of fluids. Due to frequent bowel movements, the body suffers from extreme fatigue. Taking ORS from time to time ensures that the body is hydrated and prevents it from getting weak. Hence, increases its ability to tackle the problem. 

6. Prevents Kidney Stone

Dehydration, as much as it is in itself, also leads to damage in the kidneys. Due to frequent water loss, the urine concentration increases inside the kidneys. One of the major benefits of drinking ORS is that urine becomes diluted. It saves us from fatal diseases like stones, kidney failure, or Urinary Tract Infections. 

7. Helps with Fatigue

An ill person feels tired due to the lack of water content in their body. The basic minerals needed to carry out the everyday activity also need rejuvenation. This is achieved by drinking ORS at regular intervals. ORS provides the energy needed to recover from the fatigue gained due to the illness. 

8. Improves Motor Function

Water plays a very important role in muscle and bone movements. One of the many benefits of drinking ORS is its ability to lubricate the joints and muscles for proper functioning. ORS  water benefits by hydrating the body to function properly. Motor functions improve in an ill body once the ORS starts acting.

9. Boosts Mood

The hormone that makes us happy is called serotonin, which depends on water intake in the body. So, when your body is dehydrated you might not feel so happy. Therefore, taking ORS can help your body tackle the lack of water problem. This in turn leads to serotonin production, making you happier.  

Side-effects of Drinking ORS daily

There are so many benefits of drinking ORS, yet we must always be careful with its consumption. Treating dehydration and energy loss is what the ORS solution is meant for, but it might lead to some harmful aftereffects. One should take a look at these side effects while drinking ORS daily. These drawbacks of the Oral rehydration solution are the basic awareness points to keep you in check. 

1. Vomiting or Nausea 

When consumed in a large amount at once, ORS may cause a pukish response. It might occur due to uneven concentration of the powder in the water. If your body is rejecting ORS, try taking it spoonful once and increase the dosage slowly rather than forcing it down the throat. 

2. Dizziness

Illness might cause weakness and dizziness. So, it becomes quite difficult to gather the reason for the disequilibrium. If you are taking ORS for rehydration and it makes you even sicker, consult a doctor immediately. Sometimes when a person is suffering from acute dehydration, the body seeks professional help. 

3. Allergy

Although it might be rare, but some people can be allergic to ORS. Any kind of rash, itchiness, or swelling on the face, tongue, or throat should be taken seriously. One must seek medical help when these symptoms appear. Health matters should not be taken lightly, under any circumstances even though there are benefits of drinking ors.

ORS Daily Good for Health

4. Gastro-intestinal Disturbance

It was observed that improper intake of the oral rehydration solution sometimes led to severe problems. A healthy child was once diagnosed with upper GI hemorrhage because of an electrolyte imbalance. This is a critical situation for a child. Hence, one must read the instructions before taking ORS. 

Common Myths About ORS

July 29th of every year is World ORS Day to promote awareness about rehydration around the globe. Every year many lives are lost due to diarrhoea and its symptoms. Sometimes, people ignore the issues, while other times they lack resources. We all must join together in this fight. Now that you have learned that there are several benefits of drinking ORS, we know that it can be a very powerful weapon against dehydration deaths. So, we must learn more facts and debunk myths about the Oral Rehydration Solution. 

1. ORS can be made at home

Knowing that the oral rehydration solution contains electrolytes, salts, and glucose, people assume it can be prepared at home only. However, this is a misconception. Mixing salt and sugar in water does not equal the contents of the ORS. Regular salt at home contains only sodium chloride and sugar is glucose, but the formula of the ORS solution is way more complex. It contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride, trisodium citrate glucose, etc. in specific quantities mixed at a particular temperature. This can not be achieved by sugar-salt water at home. 

2. Only Children Should Take ORS

Although children suffer more from problems like diarrhea and are prone to dehydration, it is not necessary that only they take the solution. There are benefits of drinking ORS for adults too. A healthy adult body is more capable of dealing with water loss due to disease and dehydration. Yet, not taking care of the dehydrated body during sickness can be very dangerous. There is no scientific reason as to why only children should be given ORS. Adults can and should take the solution whenever necessary. 

3. ORS Cures Diarrhoea

Doctors recommend ORS, not because it stops the unwanted frequent bathroom visits but, so as to regain the fluid loss. Water loss is one of the side effects of loose motion which causes further problems. If not taken care of, this loss of minerals and fluids leaves a person tired and can even lead to kidney-related diseases. Therefore, while taking probiotics to treat diarrhea, one must also keep hydrating their body with ORS to avoid any chances of severe dehydration. 

4. Drinking Water Equals Taking the ORS

People dealing with loose motion not only suffer from water loss but also lose essential minerals; and have to tolerate electrolyte imbalance. All these issues can not be solved by just drinking normal tap water. One must take the WHO-prescribed and preferred drink. For the recovery of the lost salts and minerals, ORS activates sodium-glucose cotransporters. Therefore, people must know that drinking water does not equal to taking the oral rehydration solution. 

5. Any Brand of ORS is Good To Go!

Nowadays, ORS comes in all brands and flavors. It is quite tempting to choose the one that tastes better. However, one must understand that ORS is not supposed to be a tasty drink but a solution that helps you regain strength. The benefits of drinking ORS can only be attained when it is WHO-approved, with an osmolarity of 245 mOsm/L. Always check for the manufacturing and expiration date before buying the package. 

6. Unsafe for Diabetic Patients

This is a very common myth that people with type-2 diabetes should not take ORS. The reason is the sugar content in the oral rehydration solution. We would like to debunk this myth by breaking the fact that the glucose proportion in ORS is not that high. When taken in moderation, ORS water benefits and can not lead to any side effects for a sugar patient. So, if you are a sugar patient do not worry, get rid of your illness by taking ORS. 

Direction for Usage

Depending upon the pack that you purchase, there are two ways in which you can take ORS. To relieve yourself from the terrible fluid loss and regain the essential minerals, check out these directions to use.

For a Tetra Pack:-

  1. This is rather a simple packing, mostly used during travels. 
  2. While purchasing an ORS tetra pack, check the expiration date first. 
  3. Shake well before use. 
  4. Drink directly from the container with the straw provided in it. 
  5. If you save it for later, make sure to keep it away from the sunlight. 

For a Sachet:-

  1. Check the manufacturing and expiration date of the package. 
  2. Wash the utensils and hands first. 
  3. Boil 1 liter of water to let out the impurities. 
  4. Pour it into a container to cool down and add the ORS.
  5. Stir well with a clean spoon or spatula. 
  6. Fill it all in clean water and attain ORS water benefits from time to time. 


Ensure these precautions to gain the complete benefits of drinking ORS. These measures are extremely necessary for attaining rehydration and avoiding side-effects simultaneously. 

  • Once opened, the solution should be taken immediately.
  • Check the pack for leaks or puffs. Do not take if there are any such faults. 
  • Always use a WHO-approved pack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is drinking ORS daily good for health?

One should not consume the oral rehydration salts on a daily basis. 

What is the preferable quantity of ORS for a day?

Adult patients with diarrhea should drink at least 3 liters of ORS a day to revive their lost fluids. 

Is ORS harmful?

ORS is safe as long as it is taken in a regulated amount. Excessive intake can result in salt toxicity. 

Can ORS cure loose motions?

No. ORS only helps with the symptoms of diarrhea and does not cure it. Drinking ORS helps to balance the fluid loss, but does not stop the vomiting or loose motions.

Why is ORS good for health?

There are several benefits of drinking ORS, like fluid balance, energy boost, and balanced sugar levels in the blood. 

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