11 Mind Blowing Benefits of Drinking Ajwain Water: Uses and More!

11 mind blowing benefits of Ajwain
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Ajwain (Carom Seed) is a tiny and oval shaped ayurvedic herb which belongs to the parsley and cumin family. These sharp aromatic seeds originated from the Asian subcontinent and are cultivated extensively in Indian states. People often use Ajwain for adding a tingling taste to several cuisines such as pakoras, pooris, kachoris, Mooli ki sabzi, samosas etc.

Ajwain water has therauputic excellence and is a popular home remedy since it is packed with several health benefits. It is easily available in nearby stores but has added preservatives, therefore it is potent to prepare it yourself at home for well being of the body in the long run.

Ajwain seeds: What Wonders Does It Hold

With the world advancing towards a fast phase lifestyle it is extremely essential to be mindful of what you eat and drink. Adding a glass of Ajwain water in daily routine is a clever and smart way of committing towards a healthy lifestyle. The richness of essential oils, vitamins and minerals make carom seeds a popular ingredient in medicines as well. Continue reading to find out the health benefits of drinking Ajwain water at night. 

1. Digestive Aid

Consumption of Ajwain seeds soaked in water helps improve the digestive system and keeps the stomach strong providing instant relief from acidity and indigestion. It stimulates digestive enzymes and can alleviate issues like constipation, gas and bloating.

2. Detoxification

Consumption of Ajwain water first thing in the morning can be the best thing you can do for your body. Benefits of drinking Ajwain water empty stomach is that it helps in removing all the toxins from the body efficiently. Flux out of toxins from the body cleanses the liver, intestine and kidney.

Ajwain water

3. Insomnia relief

Ajwain water has biochemical and bioactive components. One of the major benefits of drinking Ajwain water at night is that it has calming properties which may ensure better and sound sleep.

4. Respiratory Health

Drinking Ajwain water with dissolved jaggery is a perfect remedy for cough and cold. It cleanses mucus from the body and provides relief from respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. 

5. Weight management

The benefits of drinking Ajwain water at night is that it speeds up the body’s metabolism, leading to less accumulation of fats in the body. Less storage of fats in the body accelerates weight reduction.

6. Anti-inflammatory

Carom seeds possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that may provide relief from joint pain and arthritis. Drinking a glass of Ajwain water is an excellent  method for alleviating any kind of joint pain. 

7. Immune support

The antioxidant property of ajwain and the essential vitamins and minerals present in it helps in boosting the immune system. An active immune system acts as a guard or shield against diseases and infections.

Benefits of Drinking Ajwain with water

8. Skin Health

Ajwain (carom seeds) carries antimicrobial properties which promote clear and glowing skin. It helps in reduction of acne and treatment of eczema as well. Medical treatment for severe skin issues is advised as Ajwain water can help to a certain extent only. 

9. Menstrual support 

One of the significant benefits of drinking Ajwain water at night is that it can provide relief from menstrual cramps.Consumption of a glass of warm ajwain water relaxes the muscles and reduces the discomfort.

10. Oral Health

Ajwain water helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Its oil is a panacea for toothache and bad mouth odour. It also has  antimicrobial properties that keeps the germs at distance.

11. Blood Pressure Reduction

The benefits of drinking Ajwain water empty stomach is that it promotes cardiovascular health. It aids in regulating insulin production and glucose absorption, which helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

A  Beginners Guide To Make Ajwain Water

You can purchase Ajwain water from the market or make it yourself at home. Make sure you don’t keep it for more than 2 or 3 days even in the refrigerator. Here’s the process to make your own refreshing ajwain drink.

  • Dry roast ajwain seeds in a saucepan.
  • Add crushed seeds into 2 cups of water.
  • Boil them for 5-10 minutes.
  • Strain and discard the seeds.
  • You can add lemon or honey to enhance taste.
  • Enjoy the brew and see the result for yourself. 


Ajwain seeds are amazing for your health as they are packed with carbs, fibre, fats, and proteins. Additionally, they contain niacin, potassium, thiamine, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals which are elixir for healthy life. Ajwain has been a part of traditional medicine to treat common cold and flu. It is a storehouse of antioxidants and vitamin C that help boost immunity and protect us from several diseases. Try adding it in your diet and see the wonders!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of drinking Ajwain water in morning?

Drinking Ajwain water first thing in the morning is the best thing you can do to your body. It promotes detoxification and improves digestion.

Does Ajwain remove belly fat?

Studies show that there are benefits of drinking Ajwain water for weight loss. It reduces fat accumulation, overall reducing the fat from the body.

Should we drink Ajwain in cold or warm water?

It is advised to consume Ajwain in lukewarm water. 

Which is the best time to drink water, morning or night?

There are multiple benefits of drinking Ajwain water in  morning or at night. Consumption in the morning helps in curing gastric issues. However, considering a doctor for severe pain is necessary.

What does Ajwain water taste like?

Herbal water prepared from Ajwain is slightly pungent in taste.

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