Does Masturbation Causes Weight Loss – Get the Facts Here!

Does Masturbation Causes Weight Loss
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Do you also feel shy talking about masturbation? It is a very normal and healthy activity to perform. Most people don’t discuss it, but you know everybody does it. It is a fascinating way to show self-love. Due to several myths, such as Masturbation Causes Weight Loss, people are embarrassed about masturbating; they secretly enjoy doing this kind of fun but never confess it.

Masturbation is both physically and mentally beneficial for your well-being. From promoting your sexual health to reducing stress, it has numerous advantages. Your self-exploration unlocks many ways to turn you on. 

What is Masturbation?

People usually do not pay much attention to this topic, but one should talk about masturbation. It is an activity that includes touching your genitals and other sensitive body areas for sexual pleasure. In masturbation, you feel and rub sensitive parts of your body like penis, clitoris (opening of the vagina), and breasts for fun. 

What is Masturbation

Masturbation is very common, but still, people feel ashamed and do not feel comfortable talking about it. You can explore masturbating by mutually performing it between two people. Most people masturbate to achieve an orgasm, while others enjoy the process. However and, whatever you do while masturbating, as long it makes you happy, go for it!

You may regret it after masturbating, but it is healthy and exciting. There are numerous benefits you will experience after masturbating. It is the safest form of self-satisfaction and attaining sexual happiness. Also, you need not worry about the risks of getting yourself or someone else pregnant. 

If Masturbation Causes Weight Loss?

No, masturbation does not have any direct link to weight loss. There is no such evidence about losing or gaining weight through masturbation. There are effects of masturbation on your body, but weight loss is not one of them. So, let us discuss whether or not masturbation causes weight loss.

  • It is a natural sexual activity that burns a few calories and may slightly increase your heart rate, but that does not mean that masturbation causes weight loss.
  • Generally, you lose 100-150 calories after one session of masturbation. So, the calories burnt in masturbation are not enough to lose weight but are beneficial for blood circulation and other metabolic activities inside the body.
  • It is not an alternative to daily exercise or a routine for weight management. If you experience sudden weight loss, it might not be related to masturbation. The potential reasons for change in your weight could be rigorous exercise, stress, workload, and dieting.
  • You should understand that masturbation is a choice that people make for their pleasure, not a contribution to weight loss. So, the statement that “masturbation causes weight loss” is, in fact, a myth. 

How to Recover Weakness After Hand Practice?

Recovery after getting wet is the foremost step. Just like other physical practices, you may feel weak and tired after masturbating. Your body needs the necessary nutrients and activities to recover from hand practice. 

1. Meditate and Do Yoga

Yoga is a very effective tool for reducing weakness after hand practice. Yoga and meditation provide relaxation and contribute to overall vitality, giving solid self-control over masturbation. Regular performance of yoga along with meditation will eliminate your weaknesses and also manage the urge for hand practice. 

Meditate and Do Yoga

2. Take Nutritious Diet

Some muscles are also damaged during masturbation, which can result in weakness. Protein can repair and rebuild these tissues, making you feel strong and healthy. Food like eggs, chicken, and tofu can fill your body with the necessary protein required for recovery. 

 Take Nutritious Diet

3. Stay Hydrated

Masturbation causes frequent sweating and loss of other body fluids, which can weaken you. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for all bodily functions, so drink plenty of water for hydration and to remove weakness from your body. Make sure you enjoy hand practice, keeping your health in mind. 

Stay Hydrated

4. Take Multivitamin Tablets

While enjoying the extreme pleasure of hand practice, you forget about other needs of your body. Excessive masturbation may deplete magnesium levels, which can cause muscle tension and weakness. Taking multivitamins tablets can meet your daily nutrient needs. Magnesium supplements and vitamins can reduce muscle tension and contribute to relaxation. 

Take Multivitamin Tablets to recover Masturbation

5. Plan Your Meal

Plan your daily meal if you are serious about recovery after hand practice. Ensure your diet contains high-quality protein sources, carbohydrates, and fresh fruits. These foods can speed up your recovery process and make you feel active and refreshed.

Plan Your Meal

Why is Masturbation Important?

You start fancying masturbation as soon as you get your first orgasm. It is all you crave. The whole atmosphere feels excellent and loving while practicing masturbation. But did you know it is the best way to overcome mental pressure?

1. It is an Immunity Booster

According to specialists, hand practice manages cortisol hormone levels. Right! The cortisol hormone helps regulate the immune system. Masturbation often creates a correct environment to boost the immune system. 

2. Reduces The Risk of Prostate Cancer Risk

You may find it very interesting that people who masturbate 12 times a month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by almost 32.5%. A 2016 research suggests that those who ejaculate 8 to 12 times per month lose the risk of prostate cancer by 10%. 

3. Improves Your Performance in Bed

In some cases, men are unable to last long in bed because they do not have enough practice either solo or with a partner. Regular masturbating enables you to build up good stamina and allows you to last longer during sex.

4. Amplifies Mood

Neurochemicals, like dopamine and oxytocin, are released during ejaculation. These chemicals lift your mood and enhance your satisfaction as they are your happy hormones. One single orgasm of the day, and you are on cloud nine! So, whenever you feel low, you can help yourself by masturbating.

5. Helps You Fall Asleep

Stress and anxiety are prevalent in people; it is also a reason for your low-quality sleep. Masturbation releases oxytocin and endorphins, the love hormones, helping you relieve tension and anxiety. So, after a hectic day, masturbation can be a brilliant choice to develop a sound and relaxing sleep. 

6. Improves Skin Health

It seems like orgasm is the superhero for every problem. How great is it that you get immense benefits while having fun alone? Orgasm regulates the blood flow to the skin, resulting in glowing cheeks, or it’s better if you call it post-sex glow. You know what’s even better? Orgasm delivers oxytocin, which reduces inflammation, leading to a radiant look.

7. Supports Heart Health

Regular orgasm protects you against heart disease. Researchers say that masturbation lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation, which directly leads to a low risk of cardiovascular disease. Engaging in sexual activity releases endorphins, which relax your blood vessels and eliminate inflammation, promoting overall heart health.

Pros Vs. Cons of Masturbation

Calories burnt in masturbation are not precisely enough to lose weight. So, masturbation causes weight loss is gladly a myth.When your orgasm is at its peak, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, which may not be safe for heart patients. 
While exploring your own body (masturbating), you get a pleasurable experience. It makes you feel good and reduces tension.Excessive hand practice and inability to control your desire can lead you to the feeling of guilt and shame. Sometimes, you self-judge, which lowers your self-esteem.
Masturbation can provide relaxation in both mind and body, leading to a peaceful night. It promotes drowsiness, which can make you fall asleep faster.You may feel exhausted after masturbating frequently. The physical tiredness can interrupt your sleep cycle and cause extreme fatigue and daytime sleep.
When you masturbate, you enhance your sexual knowledge, which can increase your sexual well-being. If you are well aware of your preferences, you can perform well in bed.Frequent ejaculation can affect the body’s sexual function over time. It might cause erectile dysfunction,  or premature ejaculation.
Talking about muscular strength, involving yourself in self-pleasure activities can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which are essential in sexual functions.Repeatedly masturbating results in back pain and muscle aches due to the intense movements for an extended period, 

Masturbation: How To Do It  Right?

It is excellent to find an exciting way to masturbate. If you are doing it for pleasure, enjoy it as best as possible. Do not hurry; just focus on the process and listen to your body. 

  1. Set Your Mood- Find yourself a private space where no one can disturb you and you can concentrate on your pleasure. Dim your lights and play soothing and soft music. You can use the scented candles for a more enjoyable atmosphere.  
  1. Take Your Time– You don’t have to rush for anything. Explore your body and find out what makes you feel better. Try different techniques to find out what gives you the most pleasure.
  1. Use Lubrication– Liquid lubricants are always safe. Adding oil can remove any disturbance while masturbating. It is a popular choice to enhance sensation. 
  1. Use Different Techniques– Mixing things up can really support your enjoyment. Use your hands, experiment with different safe sex toys, and embrace the joy and pleasure you receive after masturbating.
  1. Explore Your Fantasies– Don’t feel shy if you have different fantasies; try them out. Accomplishing your dreams gives you another level of happiness. Let your thoughts wander to things that turn you on.

Necessity vs Addiction

You can’t decide or count how much masturbating is excessive as it varies from person to person. It is better to observe your body’s need for masturbation. Many people frequently masturbate because of their habits, not out of their needs. Learn the signs to understand if you are addicted or not.

  • You are unable to concentrate on your work; all you think about is getting wet.
  • You stop socializing and attending important events because of it.
  • The urge is stronger than the need.
  • You can’t control the number of times you masturbate.

If you satisfy any or all of these criteria, consult your sexologist for help.


Do you still believe that masturbation causes weight loss? Well, You must have got your answer by now. Masturbation is a natural and healthy experience that can bring pleasure and relaxation. It favors an individual to discover about their sexual desires and fulfill their needs. Ensure prioritizing hygiene while engaging yourself in any sexual activity. Lastly, always remember masturbation is not a sinful act but a healthy and natural way to practice self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I masturbate?

The number of times for masturbation varies from person to person. As long as you do not notice any negative impact on your lifestyle, there is no limit to it.

Is masturbation better than sex?

The choice between sex and masturbation ultimately depends on the preferences and experiences. However, solo masturbation is more safe than sex.

How to recover weakness after hand practice?

To recover from weakness, make sure to stay hydrated, eat nutritious meals, get enough rest, and sleep.

Can masturbation improve sexual performance?

Yes, it can enhance your performance in bed. Masturbation allows you to discover the unknown facts about your body which may contribute to your sexual performance.

Does losing sperm make you weaker?

Yes, losing sperm while ejaculating can temporarily cause fatigue and weakness, but these changes are usually temporary.

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